Chakwera says DPP has failed to govern Malawi: ‘ Mutharika sleepwalking in power’

By | August 1, 2016

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, who is also leader of opposition in parliament, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government  should swallow its pride and admit it has failed to run the country.

Chakwera speaking in Nkhotakota: Mutharika has dismally failed

Chakwera speaking in Nkhotakota: Mutharika has dismally failed

Chakwera was addressing a political rally at Nkhunga Primary School Ground in the area of Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota District where over 20 Members of Parliament were in attendance.

“We are saying that these people (Peter Mutharika led DPP government) have failed to run this country. We have a lot of pointers, if we see government failing to feed its people it means the government has failed,” said Chakwera.

As Malawi continues on its precipitous economic decline, Chakwera said President Mutharika and his DPP party should collectively swallow their pride and admit that they have failed the nation.

He said Mutharika is out of touch with reality, adding the fact that those around him seem to be inept and failing to advise him properly, makes the country’s situation untenable.

The MCP president said Mutharika should accept responsibility for the problems bedeviling the country.

Chakwera also accused government of corrupt practices citing the forensic cashgate report implicating seven ministers -who are being shielded with their names under wraps – as an example of grand corruption and institutionalisation of graft among the ruling elite.

“We will not relent, we will fight to make sure that we provide checks and balances so that we end corruption [by this DPP government],” said Chakwera.

He urged the citizenry to continue to demand accountability from the leadership peacefully.

Chakwera also accused DPP adminisytration for an equal distribution of resources.

He believed his party will form the country’s next government and said MCP would take the country out of its current problems.

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview  with Nyasa Times, DPP Secretary general Eckren Kudontoni said Chakwera has no moral grounds of accusing government saying he is also part of government as leader of opposition i parliament.

“This is very strange how can Chakwera accuse DPP of failing to run state affairs and yet he is part of government, he uses state vehicle and state allowances and salaries,” said Kudontoni.

Kudontoni has since challenged Chakwera to bring alternative and constructive views.

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