‘Let Love Lead,’ Malawi First Lady Urges Women

By | August 22, 2016

‘Let Love Lead,’ Malawi First Lady Urges Women

Malawi First Lady Dr Gertrude Mutharika has urged women in the country to cultivate a culture of compassion towards one another and desist from tendencies that impact others negatively.
The First Lady was speaking on Saturday at Sanjika Palace during a luncheon organised by her Beautify Malawi-BEAM Trust.

The luncheon was also aimed at raising awareness on the need to protect people with albinism.
Dr Mutharika said when women love one another, society becomes completely transformed into a beautiful place where everyone wants to live in.
“It is said that love makes the world go round and round, and I can add that when women share love among each other, such love is capable of turning the world round and round,” she said.

The First Lady further said women who hold each other’s hands are able to accomplish great things for the nation.
“Now, let me say this that when women work together, they can make things happen. When women hold each other’s hands, they can turn impossibilities into possibilities.”
According to Dr Mutharika, the women had gathered to celebrate their successes, achievements, and to recount the challenges that they often face.

“Our celebration today is also a celebration of the lives of people with albinism, and we know that women with albinism are equal in dignity just like all of us. However, women with albinism, and indeed all persons in albinism in Malawi are being hunted. They are living in fear. Their rights are being abused.”
The women who came in large numbers to support the cause took time to make a statement which called for an end to the killing, maiming and exhumation of persons with albinism.
“The abuse of the rights of women and children with albinism must stop. Let us stop violating the right to life for innocent children with albinism,” they proclaimed.

Dr Mutharika said now is the time for women to support each other.
She then urged all of women to desist from jealousy and greedy behaviors.
On the BEAM Trust, the First Lady said the organisation has scaled up awareness and actual hygiene activities in markets, hospitals, streets, and schools.
“BEAM is making things happen by entering into partnerships with private sector and NGOs towards efforts for making our cities, towns and locations beautiful,” she disclosed.
She added that the Beautify Malawi Trust is making things happen by providing education support to children and students.
This she said is BEAM’s way of celebrating beauty, and urged all women to join the movement as BEAM belongs to everyone.Mana