Fargo’s Jakhura dubes estate agent in plots of land business 

By | August 24, 2016
 Blantyre based estate agent Louis Twapalisha is accusing Malawian of Asian Aamir Jakhura [of Fargo Limited] of duping him in multimillion business dealings between May and June this year.
Faizal Aboo: Reportedly bought one of the plots

Faizal Aboo: Reportedly bought one of the plots

Jakhura engaged Twapalisha in selling his three plots at Maone Park in the commercial capital, but the two are now in hide and seek games.
The plots in question are NK 613 and was pegged at K59 million;  NK 51 K70 million and NK 51 K85 million and the agent took the trouble to find the buyer on understanding that he will get 20 percent commission on each plot from Jakhura.
After a successful sale, Jakhura refused to give commissions to Twapalisha claiming that the plots were sold to persons who used to Jakhura’s family friends.
Following this, the disgruntled agent took the matter to Limbe Police, but his efforts yielded nothing as the businessman declined to appear before the law enforcers abd advised them to be contacting his lawyers.
Prior to the deal, according to one of the Police officers, who didn’t want to be named, declined to sign contract forms, but assured Twapalisha of duly of getting his dues without hustles.
This happened between May and June 2016 and they used to discuss on phone or Louis going to his office in Limbe but this time when calling or texting him, he never responds.
The plots were sold to OG Issa and Faizal Aboo, whom Jakhura claims are his friends.
“The trouble is that the complainant has no documents to suppott his claims. He was engaged, yes but there are no documents to substantiate his claims. Verbal agreements are easily disowned. Jakhura verbally committed to give the agent tne commisdion, but now is not forthcoming because  there no papers,” ssid law enforcer.
Asked why he didn’t go to Police, Jakhura said he has no time for police, claiming he is “always busy with my company of more than 150 employees”.
Jakhura, who described Twapalisha as his friend, also has no time for this reporter and went on to cut the line.