3 Malawian police officers arrested over missing rifle in Karonga

By | September 11, 2016

3 Malawian police officers arrested over missing rifle in Karonga

Three police officers at Kaporo Police station in Karonga have been arrested on Thursday in connection to the missing of rifle K008085 with 13 rounds of live ammunition.According to the police report, this occurred between the 14:00 hours of 7 September, 2016 and 09:00 hours of 8 September, 2016.
The three are identified as Sergeant Macheso, Paloti and Chikoti and are currently at the district police station.
“The facts are that Sergeant Maleta discovered that the said rifle was missing from the safe keeping place after taking over the shift from Sergeant Paloti,” stated the report.
The development raised suspicion at the station and the follow up activity was initiated.
“It was discovered that proper hand over was not done during the shifting time from Paloti at 14:00 hours of 7 September to Macheso and then to Chikoti at 00:30 hours of 8 September, 2016,” disclosed the report.
The police said they are continuing with their investigations on the matter.
This comes amid the arrest of another police officer in Lilongwe within the week.

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