Visa in Africa for African Travelers

By | September 11, 2016

Visa in Africa for African Travelers

Africa is increasingly moving towards achieving part of its African Union’s Agenda 2063, which envisions the abolishment of visa requirements for African citizens by 2018. The recent launch of the Pan-African Passport is a big milestone towards freer movement of people within the continent, a move expected to further integrate Africa. This will in turn create more job opportunities, boost economic growth, increase cultural integration and elevate domestic tourism.
While some African countries have become visa open over the years, majority still have a long way to go, with Africans requiring visas to travel to 55% of other African countries. The Africa Visa Openness Report 2016 further shows that out of the 55 African countries, only 13 offer visa free or visa on arrival to all Africans. The infographic below by Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking portal, provides a more comprehensive outlook on the visa trends in the continent. A lot of changes are expected in the near future, with the gradual roll out of the unified passport.

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