Malawi Immigration Service

By | January 2, 2017

Malawi Immigration Service

The Immigration department falls under Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security. Its operations are governed by the Immigration Act, the Citizenship Act and the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.
“Well managed migration for Malawi”
“To provide sound migration management and achieve timely issuance of relevant documents to eligible persons for national security and social economic development.”
Operating Principles

  • Good customer service– We value fair treatment of our clients with courtesy and politeness as well as good public relations
  • Transparency and Accountability -We believe in being open and accountable to our clients and stakeholders for the services we offer and the decisions we make
  • Integrity and honesty-We value discipline, good conduct and adherence to rules, regulations and procedures
  • Responsiveness and resourcefulness-We believe in listening to, acting on views and exploring new ways that can help to improve our service delivery
  • Mutual trust – We believe in trusting each other and our clients at large
  • Innovativeness-We value integrating new ways and initiatives to improve the quality of our service
  • Flexibility-We believe in creating a system that can easily adapt to changes in the environment in which we operate and to our client needs and demands


  • Controlling people entering and leaving the country in order to uphold the security of the state;
  • Issuing Travel Documents to eligible people in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO);
  • Processing and issuing Malawi Citizenship, Residence and Work Permits, and Visas in accordance with the existing policies; and
  • Monitoring, tracking, apprehending, deporting and repatriating illegal immigrants in order to promote security of the country and safeguard jobs for  natives
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Strategic Objectives

  • To improve the processing and issuance of Travel Documents and Citizenship;
  • To improve the processing and issuance of various Immigration Permits and Visas;
  • To enhance management of irregular migration; and
  • To strengthen organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Major Developments taking place in the Department

  • Fully automating the Passport issuance system
  • Introducing a computerized Permit issuance process
  • Reviewing the Passports, Citizenship and Permit processing procedures to improve service delivery to the general public
  • Reviewing the border management procedures to enhance management of irregular migration