Centre for Accounting Studies Application Form / Prospectus / Admission Requirement 2018/2019

By | January 8, 2017

Centre for Accounting Studies Application Form / Prospectus / Admission Requirement 2018/2019

Admission Requirements

CAT Introduction & Intermediate:

  • COSC – At least Maths; Credit, English; Grade D plus aggregate not exceeding 34 on 6 subjects incl. Math & English

  • Certificate in Business Studies- Distinction or Credit plus COSC pass 6 subjects incl. Maths & English

  • Diploma in Business Studies – Distinction or Credit plus COSC pass in 6 subjects incl. Maths & English

Knowledge Module

  • Bachelor degree (Non-Accounting major)

  • Diploma (any field) plus 3 years work experience in an accounting role

  • A Level school certificate – Pass in Mathematics & English Language plus 2 other subjects plus 3 years work experience in accounting role

  • COSC – Pass in Maths & English Language plus 4 other subjects plus 3 years work experience in accounting role.

Other Levels

  • Please enquire at CAS Admissions office

Application Forms

Download your Application Forms here:

>  Returning Application Form

>  CIPFA ICD Scheme Student Registration Form

Courses Offered

The Centre for Accounting Studies is renowned for its excellent training of Professional Accountants since it was established in 1979.
The Centre for Accounting Studies is the first and currently the only tuition provider of ACCA courses in Lesotho that has achieved Gold status on the ACCA Approved Learning Partnership Scheme.
If you are reading this, then you are probably thinking about studying to become a Professional Accountant. You may have recently completed your COSC, maybe you are a University graduate, or working in an accounting related field, and would like to get formal professional accountancy training.
Our core programmes are aimed at training Professional Accountants on the levels of Certified Accounting Technicians, General Accountants, and Chartered Accountants for the Lesotho Institute of Accountants (LIA) under its joint scheme agreement with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Our courses are focused on providing skills for handling Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Auditing and aiding management in strategic and operational business decisions among others while upholding the highest level of professional integrity required of professional accountants.

The Course Structure

All courses are offered on a modular basis of six month terms and each module is examined at the end of each term by ACCA.
There are two entry routes to attaining the Chartered Accountant qualification offered at CAS, namely, via the CAT programme (takes 3 years to complete CA) or directly on to the Professional Scheme (takes 2 � years to complete CA).
Students taking the CAT route (9 subjects) are given an exemption on the Knowledge Module (3 subjects) on completion of the CAT programme and are also given a Technician Accountant qualification by LIA.
Students who take the direct route to the Professional Scheme (via Knowledge Module) are not given Technician Accountant qualification on completion of the Knowledge Module.
Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) – offers entry to professional scheme at Skills Module 1 level.
CAT Introduction & Intermediate FA1-FAB (5 subjects)
CAT Advanced FFA-FTX (4 subjects)
Professional scheme
Knowledge Module (KM) � FA1to FMA (7 subjects)
Skills Module 1 (SM1) � F4 to F6
Skills Module 2 (SM2) � F7 to F9
Essentials Module (EM) � P1 to P3
Options Module (OM) – 2 options from P4, P5 & P7
Computerized Accounting Module � Compulsory for CAT & ACCA Professional students
Assessment: External exam by ACCA
Computer Based Exams (CBE) 
These can be scheduled at any time of the year by CAS.
KM – FA1 to FMA
Paper Based Exams (PBE)
All the subjects are also available as PBE including those available on CBE stated above. PBE are held in June and December only.

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Role of ACCA & LIA

ACCA is the Examining body for the CAT and Professional scheme exams. LIA is the local regulator of professional accountants in Lesotho and a Joint Exam Scheme partner with ACCA.
You must apply directly with LIA to be able to sit the examinations of LIA/ACCA. Forms should be collected at LIA and submitted to LIA with the ACCA and LIA registration fees.
Please note that, even if you will seek NMDS sponsorship, you may still need to pay these fees before the sponsorship is approved and claim a refund later from LIA when NMDS pays your fees.
CAS is a tuition provider and is not responsible for examination or registration to write examinations. All queries related to examinations should be referred to LIA.
For more info on this course please visit: LIA offices at 5 Orpen Road, Old Europa (opposite China Garden) or visit the ACCA website at www.accaglobal.com

Contact Center For Accounting Studies

Tel: +266 22314257
Fax +266 22310407
Email: info@cas.ac.ls