Urunji Child-Care Trust 2017 Internship Opportunities

By | November 9, 2017

Urunji Child-Care Trust 2017 Internship Opportunities

We value the impact that students can make in this world. As such, we partner with various academic institutions to provide civic engagement opportunities including but not limited to internships in Malawi, Africa. Our student attachment programme is comprehensive and gives students the opportunity to build their skills, maximize their potential and explore a new world.
We currently provide internships to students from the Washington State University, DMI St. John the Baptist University and other tertiary institutions in Malawi and beyond. If you would like to partner with us, feel free to send us an inquiry.
Please note that we do not charge students for industrial attachments, internships or civic engagement placements. However students are responsible for their travel, accommodation, meals and other incidentals.

How to join Urunji as an intern

The first step is to contact your academic supervisor who will contact us directly using the official email address or through the post. We do not discuss directly with students regarding internship opportunities. We have spaces available for summer internships 2016. If you would like to join, contact your academic supervisor.

What happens next?

We need to be assured that you as a student have enough funds to cover your upkeep, airfare and other unforeseen expenses. Urunji Child-Care Trust does not provide grants for internships. We also need to be sure that your personality fits in the work that we do. Our process of vetting would-be interns is strict. As such we advise prospective interns to start the process as early as possible. Urunji Child-Care Trust reserves the right to reject applicants with or without an explanation.

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What to expect

Internship is more about hands-on work. Your expectation should be that you will be involved in field work to a higher degree than office work.
Students on a civic engagement (internship) with Urunji Child-Care Trust have to be physically present at any of our country operations. Every student is supposed to complete a time book on every engagement on a daily basis. This is validated by our Programme Coordinator who signs in the same. We do not only look at what the student has contributed – other indicators such as behaviour, time management and group dynamics also form part of our assessment. As such, we do not accept online placements as a fulfillment of a student’s civic engagement or internship with Urunji.