Greenwich University Admission for 2020-2021

By | January 20, 2020

By applying online you confirm that the information provided by you is true to the best of your knowledge and you understand that any false information given directly or indirectly may result in your termination from the university. You further agree to abide by the criteria, rules and regulations of the university.

Applicants submit the official online application, transcripts, test scores and processing fees to the Greenwich University. Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis by faculty in the program you have selected. Final decisions are made only after all factors and credentials related to your educational background have been considered. Make sure of your choice for study at the university in your proposed major field.

Every program requires the submission of additional materials. These materials vary by programme, but examples include letters of reference, samples of your work, and personal statements. To be considered for admission to the Greenwich University, you must meet minimum requirements set by the university.

So, gather all your documents, get a JPEG file of your recent photograph and documents, sit back and follow the steps of application. It will take just few minutes to finish.


Bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline from any university recognized by the Higher Education Commission, or of a recognized foreign university. Graduates with no background of English may be required to do foundation courses.


There are two classifications of admissions for graduate students: Regular Acceptance and Non-Degree Student Acceptance. Places offered are valid for one semester only, if not taken up, they are forfeited.


Applicants can be admitted to the graduate degree program if they satisfy the following:Submission of transcripts and degrees showing that the applicant has received a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or college or an equivalent degree from a foreign university. Copies of all official documents and other admission material of these students must be submitted to the Admission Committee along with two letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Other factors, such as GMAT score of at least 400, work experience, academic references and aptitude to succeed in the graduate program, may also be considered.

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Greenwich University welcomes those students who wish to take courses without any qualifications as non-degree students. These students, if they wish to change their status, must make a regular application to the University and meet all requirements for admission into the graduate degree program. Non-degree students may apply up to 9 credit hours that they have earned at Greenwich towards a graduate degree program.


Former graduate students, who were in good academic standing, do not owe money to the University, or were not dismissed, may re-enroll at any time during the one-year period following their initial enrollment at Greenwich. Applicants who were previously dismissed must petition the Admission Committee for re-admission. The Committee on the recommendation of the Program Director will take the decision as to re-admittance and will notify the petitioning student. If the student does not re-enroll within a year, application for re-admission must be made to the Admission Committee. Readmits must contact the Admission Office on time to meet registration requirements prior to the term of their intended return.


Incoming graduate students may be given credit awards under any of the following arrangements:

1. Transfer of credits from other institutions, or

2. Credits for prior work/life learning at the graduate level.Greenwich University accepts up to 9 credit hours of college credits earned with a grade of B or above from other recognized universities and from foreign programs.Graduate students are limited to a transfer of maximum of 9 credit hours from any course(s) other than Greenwich courses towards a degree. Acceptance of credits that have been earned more than 10 (ten) years ago are subject to review and approval by the Academic Council.

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Upto 9 hours of credits from other institutions will be allowed by the university on a course-by-course basis in accordance with normal accreditation standards. The acceptability of each credit will depend on the appropriateness of the courses to university curriculum, on their compatibility to courses offered by Greenwich, the period since the course credits were earned, and the grade earned. Only A and B level grades will be considered.

English and Mathematics proficiency, will be determined by the results of the Greenwich Placement Test (GPT). All students have to appear for an Interview and group discussion with the board as a part of the selection process.


Applicants for graduate programs at Greenwich University, should follow the procedure as mentioned below:1. 

Application Form: Submit the Graduate Application Form along with photocopies of all academic documents, NIC copy and 10 passport size photographs.


Transcripts must be received prior to admissions for the purpose of evaluation.

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