The Supershine University Admission For Academic Year

By | January 22, 2020

An application for admission must be made using the online portal, available on the SU website. Information on how to use this system can be obtained from any regional or coordination centre of SU. Staff at regional centres can help you to upload your application. An application fee of K200 for local applicants of USD 50 for foreign applicants must be paid through the university bank account to enable one to upload their applications online. The academic year at the 2020/2021, commences in September, for all its programmes.

Registration can only be considered if the University receives convincing evidence that the candidate will be adequately financed during his or her study at the University. Applicants from other countries who are in need of financial assistance to meet fees and other expenses are advised to apply for bursaries from their respective Governments, employers or other sponsoring agencies.

Fees once paid will not be refunded for continuing students. Fees paid for one academic year cannot be deferred to another year unless the student has paid the complete programme fees. In extremely exceptional circumstances consideration of refund of the fees paid may only be made to those who have withdrawn from studies, graduated and paid excess fees. Where this is applicable, the approval of refund shall be made subject to a charge of 15% of the amount refunded. The percentage deduction rate shall be set, announced and reviewed by University from time to time.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES OFFERED BY THE UNIVERSITY University Programmes for which Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate Courses are offered:

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management (B.A. Tourism)
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (BA SO)
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Practice & Development (BSWP)
Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (DS)
Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology (BA PS)
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BA Journalism)
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (BA MC)
Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA Econ)
Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Linguistics (BA ELL)
Bachelor of Library & Information Management (BLIM)
Bachelor of Arts in History and Cultural Heritage (BA Hist)
Bachelor of Community Economic Development (BCED)
Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources Management (BA NRM)
Bachelor of Arts in Population and Development (BA PD)
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BA PA)
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA IR)
Bachelor of Library Information Management [BLIM]
Postgraduate Diploma in Policy Studies (PGDPS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work(PGDSW)
Masters of Social work (MSW)
Masters of Arts in Gender Studies (MA GS)
Masters of Science in Economics (MSc. Economics)
Masters in Community Economic Development (MCED)
Masters of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation (MA M&E)
Masters in Tourism Planning and Management (MTPM)
Masters of Arts in History (MA HIST)
Masters of Arts in Natural Resource Assessment and Management (MANRAM)
Masters of Arts in International Cooperation and Development (MA ICD)
Masters of Arts in Governance and Leadership (MA GL)
Master of Humanitarian Action, Cooperation and Development (MHACD)
Masters of Arts in Linguistics (MA Ling)
Master of Arts in Geography (M.A. (Geogr)
Masters of Arts in Mass Communication (MA MC)
Masters of Arts in Journalism (MA Journalism)

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