University of Africa Admission for 2020-2021

By | January 22, 2020

The University of Africa is proud to offer a full suite of Commerce Qualifications, accredited by the Zambian Higher Education Authority (HEA). These qualifications have been developed and evolved over time, and are aimed to prepare students to excel in the fields of Commerce and/or Development Studies.With more than 40 qualifications ranging from Diploma, to Bachelor Degree, Bachelor of Technology, Masters and also Doctorates, there is something for everybody wishing to improve their qualifications, and their life.

Fees Structure

Fees are structured in such a way that each individual student can decide what is most suitable for his or her own specific circumstances and students can choose the payment option that suits them best. Students who wish to apply for only a limited number of subjects/modules in a semester should refer to the schedules below. Students who wish to study at their own pace or who have already completed some subjects in a qualification can decide the number of subjects that they wish to study in a semester, subject to the general maximum of four subjects/modules per semester. The column market “Total Tuition Fee” shows the total cost.

Firstly the student pays a “Deposit/Registration Fee” that is paid up front, and then 5 monthly payments.

Adding the deposit plus the 5 monthly payments equals the “Total Tuition Fee”. Single Subject Fees (Bachelor) Total Tuition Fee Deposit/ Registration 5 x Monthly Instalments One subject 1 800.00 900.00 180.00 Two subjects 3 160.00 1 580.00 316.00 Three subjects 4 254.00 2 124.00 426.00 Single Subject Fees (Diploma)

Total Tuition Fee Deposit/ Registration 5 x Monthly Instalments One subject 1 700.00 850.00 170.00 Two subjects 2 860.00 1 430.00 286.00 Monthly installments are payable on or before the last business day for the 5 consecutive months following the month in which the deposit/registration fee is paid.

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