Sebenta National Institute Admission for 2020-2021 Academic Year

By | May 26, 2020

Sebenta National Institute is a non-profit making organization (public enterprise) that provides a variety of services to enable people to achieve personal goals through Adult Basic Literacy and Non-formal Education.

Sebenta believes that a majority of the rural and peri-urban population in Swaziland is underdeveloped, and disempowered in part because of illiteracy, yet there is no way rapid development may be attained with an illiterate population. She believes that the ability to communicate, read, write and speak with confidence is the key to the up-liftment of Swazis.

The Institution strives to deliver a professional Basic Literacy Programme through professionally trained personnel who are dedicated to the course, armed with necessary resources and a broad inclusive curriculum.

The Education and Training Department incorporates the core business of Sebenta, and is comprised of the Curriculum Development, Field Section and the Monitoring and Evaluation (Statistical) Sections.

The Curriculum section; plan and provide training and learning resources for the Basic literacy, Non Formal Primary Education (for out of school children), and Skills development programmes as per the demands of both the learners and environment. The section develops reviews and evaluates the training and learner materials from time to time, and is tasked to set up a comprehensive resource centers for the learners, facilitators and interested individuals.

The Field Operations Section; directs manages and supervises the training and learning activities at the field operational level. It is tasked with providing on the ground learning and training skills to the facilitators; effectively mobilizing the community and other collaborators into using the services offered by Sebenta, as well as to network with the stakeholders to facilitate the delivery of Sebenta’s mandate.

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The Monitoring and Evaluation section; assesses the impact of the literacy, Life skills and non-formal education programmes and provides effective technical, financial, management and economic analysis and evaluation of projects and programmes of the institute.

In addition there is the Vocational Skills Section comprising of three skills development courses; i.e. 6 months Sewing and Fashion Designing course; a 12 months Carpentry course and the 24 months Block making and Building course which commenced in March this current year. Furthermore, the section runs practical projects that include; knitting, crocheting, fence making. 

Sections supporting the core business of Education and Training include the following sections:

Printing works; which is used to print and publish Literacy, NUPE and Skills development materials and other office print works necessary for running the institution.

The Administration and Finance Sections; which are mandated for running the administrative and financial tasks of   the Organization. These also monitor the financial, physical implementation of projects, as well as evaluate consultant’s proposals for studies and bid for project implementation for the institute and participate in contract negotiations.

Also attached to the Administration section is the Catering; which was originally established to offer housekeeping / accommodation functions for the Curriculum Department’s training sessions. The catering and accommodation facilities are also extended to the external market at a minimal charge.

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