Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology Lesotho Admission for 2021-2022 Academic Year

By | June 9, 2020

Apply and enrol online to avoid the next intake rush and queuing. The Online Registration System is only available for the Limkokwing Cyberjaya campus.


  • Read the minimum requirements, general terms & conditions and FAQ.
  • Attach clear, colour copies of all transcripts, certificates and other necessary documents in your online registration.
  • Visa processing takes time. International students should apply 8 weeks or more before the next intake/enrolment.
  • Please wait for the confirmation of your eligibility before paying the registration fee.

Guidelines for the Online Registration Incentives:

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Admission Requirement

Requirements for New International Students:

  • You must have a minimum validity of 18 months (1 ½ year) in your passport in order to enter the country.

Procedure for New International Students:

  • To apply for your student pass, please coordinate and send all the necessary documents to the University’s marketing counsellors. They will submit this to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for processing. Please note that the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) processing will take 6 to 8 weeks after you submit your complete set of documents.
  • Once approved by Immigration, you may download your eVAL in EMGS website
  • All new students MUST go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy in origin country to obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) before entering to Malaysia. Please refer to this link to check either your country requires the SEV.
  • The VAL is valid for only six (6) months. You should get your Single Entry Visa and come to Malaysia at least one (1) month before your VAL expires.
  • Once you get your Single Entry Visa and have made your travel arrangements, inform the University at least seven (7) working days before leaving your country. Please bring a copy of your VAL.
  • Post medical screening (medical checkup requirement after obtain eVAL) should be done within 7 days with EMGS panel clinic upon arrival in Malaysia and you are require to submit the medical slip and your passport to Visa Unit at least 14 working days before your Social Visa (Entry stamp to Malaysia) expires. Late submission of your passport will require you to pay a penalty of RM 1200 (new students) and RM 1700 (alumni).
  • You are require to re-apply as new student if your eVAL has expired. Please note there is no extension for eVAL renewal.
  • As required by the Malaysian government, international students MUST undergo two sets of health examination/medical check-up:
    • First health examination (pre medical screening) which should be done before apply your eVAL for student pass in origin country. Please refer to this link to check EMGS panel clinic in your origin country.
    • Please note that it is compulsory for students from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to attend medical screening at an EMGS Registered Clinic in their home country.
    • You are required to perform the post arrival medical health check within three (3) days upon arrival with the appointed panel clinics by EMGS. You may obtain the form and the list of appointed panel clinics from the Visa Department.
    • You must submit your passport to the department once your medical check-up is approved (please make sure the EMGS status has reached 80%).
    • The Visa Department will submit your passport to EMGS for student pass endorsement. The endorsement process may take approximately two (2) – three (3) weeks. This duration is just an estimation and is subjected to EMGS and Immigration.
    • Appealing of medical health check report is subjected to the approval from the EMGS.
    • You are responsible to perform the medical check-up and submit your passport to the Visa Department within the stipulated time or it will cause insufficient time for EMGS to process your student pass endorsement. If you submit your passport after the expiry date, it is considered an overstay.
  • The eVAL is your letter from the Immigration allowing you to study in Malaysia.
  • Single Entry Visa is a stamp or sticker in your passport issued by the Malaysian Embassy
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You must abide by Malaysian law at all times

  • You have committed a case of misconduct when:
    • You are found guilty of criminal charges by court.
    • You are involved in any jobs, trades or the like, on part-time basis, which are deemed illegal in the Immigration Ordinance 1959 and the Immigration Rules and Regulations 1963 or other laws or that which could affect his studies.
  • It is considered a serious offence if a student:
    • is found to be in possession of any kind of drugs and poisons. The term ‘drug’ is as defined in the Dangerous Drug Act 1952.
    • is found to provide, to supply, to distribute, to offer or to prepare any of the above drugs or poisons to any other parties.
    • is involved in drug abuse of any kind.
  • It is considered a serious offence if you are found to be in possession or in supervision of any dangerous weapons or explosive materials. ‘Weapon’ is as defined in the Weapons Act 1971.
  • You are to abide by all the rules and regulations that are enforced by the institution.

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