Golden Sunbeam International College Of Science And Technology Admission for 2021-2022 Academic Year

By | July 15, 2020

We guide admission to this educational institution and managing the entire enrollment process.
Data relevance. There is much of outdated and irrelevant information on the Internet, due to which applicants make critical mistakes in the admission process. For example, the refusal of enrollment may be caused by submitting an application after a set deadline, the lack of admission of foreign citizens, an incomplete set of documents, an incorrectly completed registration form, or a weak letter of motivation. Our clients do not have such problems – with our help, they regularly enter educational institutions all over the world, because we use only up-to-date information, keep in touch with universities and know the admission process from the inside.
High chances of enrollment. When applying to top universities abroad, you are competing with the most talented applicants from different countries. According to statistics, less than 10% of applicants withstand the competition. Their success is based on an ideally prepared package of application documents, according to which the admissions committee considers the enrollment or invitation for an interview

This philosophy is anchored by four core values we call “The FOUR GOLDEN SHIPS” of the College or F.G.S. These anchoring principles provide guidance for all learning interactions and activities within the college and they are: Moral LeaderSHIP: Lasting influence over others, lies in our fierce obedience to conscience and to true principles. Fostering moral and ethical leadership in each student means they have the courage to stand alone in doing what is right regardless of the consequence. ScholarSHIP: Student centered scholarship is the second core value of the college. Hence our novel teaching and facilitation approaches prepare learners to face various dimensions and depths of learning which we believe is the bedrock for effective self-governance and personal economic liberty. It is our belief that maintaining high standards of academic rigor is the foundation for empowering and transforming students into nation builders with the drive and know-how to accomplish great things. EntrepreneurSHIP: Entrepreneurs are made when educated and empowered people become self-reliant. The ultimate goal of education we believe is to make independent, dependent people so they have the freedom to pursue their individual missions in life. CitizenSHIP: The fourth core value of Golden Sunbeam College education is Citizenship. Citizenship is more than a birth right or genealogy. It is a stewardship responsibility we have for each other and the resources we share. Rather than resting on one’s laurels, we believe that the claim to community, national and global citizenship is through active improvement in the present. We believe that the well-being of nations depend on the interdependent contributions of well-educated and empowered citizenship grounded on principles of stewardship and virtue.

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