National University of Lesotho Online Application/Registration

By | September 15, 2020

Application to NUL is basically online by following the following steps stated below.

National University Of Lesotho, NUL Undergraduate/Postgraduate Application Procedures

Step 1
  • Go to the National University of Lesotho website –
Step 2
  • Go to “Study at NUL” then to “Apply Online”
Step 3
  • Go to “Interested in Studying Here” and click if you are a first applicant. If already registered and have a student number and pin go to “Registered Users”.
  • NOTE: Applicants from IEMS and NUL Diploma and Certificate holders should use the Registered Users option and continue with their old student numbers.
Step 4
  • Go to Academic Enquiry and Search for a Program or Qualification your applying for by using words that make up that qualification e.g. Law, for Bcom type Commerce etc.
Step 5
  • Proceed with Academic Enquiry and fill the relevant information. For period of study enter “1”. After filling that information on Academic Enquiry, click on the button “Proceed with Application: Personal Information”.
Step 6
  • Go to the section on Biographical Details and fill in the relevant sections then SAVE. After saving, the section on Academic Application will appear and a STUDENT NUMBER or REFERENCE NUMBER will be displayed. MAKE SURE THAT YOU KEEP YOUR STUDENT NUMBER SAFELY AS IT WILL BE YOUR NEW IDENTITY THAT YOU WILL USE THROUGHT THE PROCESS AND MOVING FORWARD IF ADMITTED.
Step 7
  • Create your PIN which will be numeric digits of your choice then confirm it. After creating a PIN you will receive an email on the email you provided in your application.
Step 8
  • A table will be displayed on your screen titled “ITS ENABLER” and on your left there will be sections you are required to fill under “STUDENT WEB”. Click on Academic Application to reveal options. Note that you have to fill in the options in the order in which they appear.
  • Please ensure that you fill the section on ADDRESS VALIDATION for information on your Postal Address and the Next of Kin information as they are very critical.
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Step 9
  • Go to the section on Academic Application and fill in School leaving subjects. This section is ONLY filled by applicants who hold LGCSE, IGCSE, COSC, MATRIC and any GCSE Certificate.
  • NOTE: The minimum number of subjects to be entered should be 6.
Step 10
  • After filing the school leaving subjects, attach the necessary documents by using the LOAD/VIEW DOCUMENTS option at the bottom – right side of the school leaving subjects table.
  • Attach each document on its slot by clicking on the Upload Document button e.g. the LGCSE certificate should be attached on the LGCSE Slot. Applicants who hold Matric certificate should also attach the Conversion certificate from Examination Council of Lesotho.
  • Put the student number on the document to be attached as reference.
  • All documents should be certified and in PDF format.
  • If the document was successfully uploaded a report that the document was successfully uploaded will be displayed on the screen.
Step 11
  • Fill in the section on schools attended by searching for your previous school. This section should only be filled by holders of LGCSE, IGCSE, COSC, MATRIC etc.
Step 12
  • Fill in the section on Previous Qualification. This step should be followed by applicants who hold Post – High School qualifications or who come from Universities, Colleges, Technikons e.g. LCE, IEMS, AGRIC COLLEGE etc.
Step 13
  • Go to the section on disabilities and fill in disability if any. If the applicant has no disability, they must fill in the NONE Option.
Step 14
  • Go to the section on Update Personal Information. Check whether the personal information was correctly filled. Then go to the LOAD/VIEW DOCUMENTS option and attach other requested documents. Documents should be in PDF Format.
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Step 15
  • Go to the Submit Application section. The applicant should fill in two Programs or Qualifications they wish to apply for. After filling the Program applied for click on the ACCEPT APPLICATION button to save the Program.
  • Repeat the process to add the second choice. Fill in the choices in order of preference, that is, start with the one you want as the first choice. Fill in only two programs.
Step 16
  • Go to the View Completed Application section and view the Programs or Qualifications applied for.
Step 17
  • Check whether you have completed your application by going to the Process Status section.

Applications will be made at the following places:

  1. NUL Roma Campus: Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm for the duration of the application phase
  2. IEMS Maseru: Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm for the duration of the application phase
  3. All districts across the country on the following dates and venues:

National University of Lesotho Online Application/Registration

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