Psac Exams Grade 6 History and Geography

By | March 1, 2021

How to check my results online? this is the most common question that comes to all students before checking any examination results online. Before you started to check the examination results online, you need to make sure whether the exam results are published or not.

How to check my results online?

I would suggest you check our website’s Recently Published Results page and make sure the results are published. Now you need to visit the official results web portal, to check your results. The following form is a sample form to demonstrate How to check my results online?

Step 1: visit the official web portal eg.

Step 2: Find the “Result” in Main Menu and Click on “Search” from the submenu.

Step 3: The “Search Result” window will appear shown below.

Step 4: Select your “Year” for results e.g. 2016/2017/2019 etc.

Step 5: Select “Exam Type” for e.g. “Primary School” or “High School” Secondary School.

Step 6: Enter Your “candidates number” or “Examination Number “

Final Step: Click on the Request” button.

Required Information

To check the results online candidates required information like “candidates number” or “Examination Number. If you forget this number you may check your admission card or exam card for the school code or Examination Number.  For future use, students should make a couple copy the documents which allow them to sit for the examination.

Candidates also opt for our free services to get fast results alerts. We have made a couple of youtube videos for students to check the results.

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PSAC Grade 5 History & Geography (Rodrigues), History & Geography (Mauritius) and Science Question Papers Year 2021…/PSAG-Grade5—QP—Year-2018.aspx

PSAC Grade 5 History & Geography (Rodrigues), History & Geography (Mauritius) and Science Question Papers Year 2021…/Grade5QuestionPapers2017.aspx

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Key Messages HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY Subject Code No.P142 Candidates must be encouraged to read items and questions carefully, paying more attention to keywords to understand the full meaning of questions make the distinction between physical factors and human factors wherever relevant to a topic use the school atlas to locate human features such as tourist resorts in different parts of Mauritius and Rodrigues develop observation and use inquiry skills to develop the ability to read and interpret maps, tables, diagrams, and photographs work with tables of comparison and examples and non-examples to develop an understanding of concepts practice writing on open-ended questions assessing understanding and application of knowledge more regularly check their spelling well and revise their answers after they have finished writing. 1