University of Mauritius Notices For July/ August Examination

By | July 21, 2021

The University of Mauritius Senate decided to maintain face-to-face examinations after
taking into consideration the following factors:

  1. The need to assure the integrity and quality of examinations.
  2. Last year Non-final year students were given only additional Continuous Assessment
    assignments in lieu of examinations. It was deemed inappropriate for such modes of
    assessment to be used again for this academic year.
  3. Many of our accredited and professional examinations do not allow online
    examinations or assessments.
  4. At the present time the University is not in a position to proceed with online
    examinations, in all rigour, for its 9200 students, approximately 178 programmes and
    374 cohorts.
  5. Senate is of the view that it is not appropriate to have different modes of examination
    and assessments for different cohorts.
  6. Senate has lengthily discussed the need to minimize Covid-19 infection risks at the
    UoM and has organised on campus vaccination sessions for all its students from
    5th June to 22nd June (first dose) and from 5th July to 19th July (second dose).
  7. More than 95% of UoM Staff have already been vaccinated against Covid-19.
  8. Very stringent Safety and Health protocols have been put in place after consultations
    with all University stakeholders, the MoETES&T and the MoHW to ensure
    minimization of any risks of Covid-19 infection.
  9. Full details of the protocols are available on the UoM website at the following link:
  10. We rely on the responsibility of our students to get vaccinated or to produce the
    relevant documentation to justify not being vaccinated. Students also have the
    responsibility to protect themselves as well as their fellow students against Covid-19.
  11. Currently, the UoM is not officially aware of any alarming situation prevailing in
    Mauritius that would prohibit the holding of face-to-face examinations at the
    University. Notwithstanding the fact that there may be risks of Covid-19 infections
    during UoM July/August 2021 Examinations despite the necessary stringent
    precautions being taken by the UoM, a protocol has been devised for a rapid response
    to any possible cases of Covid-19 infections that may crop up on the Campus during
    the Examination period.
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