MES Cambridge GCE ‘O’,’A’ Levels Oct-Nov Examinations – Private Candidates

By | September 6, 2021

The Cambridge Guide to Making Entries contains instructions for the submission of all General Qualification exams for the November exam series. This document should be read in conjunction with the November exam timetable to ensure that any timetable clashes are detected as early as possible.
The qualifications that are covered by this document are:
 Cambridge International Ordinary Level (O Level)
 Cambridge International Advanced Level (A-Level)

  1. Syllabus information
    Syllabus information, including syllabus numbers, entry option codes and prohibited combinations, is contained in the syllabus lists provided with these instructions.
    Candidates are not permitted to enter the same syllabus code at two different centres in the same exam series.
  2. Methods of entry
    Centres should submit entries as instructed by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate.
    Centres are reminded of the importance of submitting accurate entry data. The materials supplied to centres after the receipt of entries, including such items as question papers, coursework/internally assessed mark sheets and attendance registers, are dependent upon those entries, as is the subsequent processing of candidates’ marks, grades and certificates.
  3. Final date for the receipt of entries
    Exam Series/ Qualification November
    Cambridge International O Level
    Cambridge International A Level 16 August
    Centres should submit their entries as soon as possible. Entries received after the above date will be subject to late entry fees.
  4. Private candidates
    Cambridge International exams are designed primarily for candidates who follow courses of study at schools and colleges that act as registered centres. It is recognised, however, that there are candidates who may not attend schools or colleges but who may wish to enter for the exams. Such individuals are referred to as private candidates and their status is indicated by entering the letter ‘P’ in the appropriate column on the entry form.
    Individuals who have been entered as private candidates are identified separately in summaries of the centre’s results. Statements of results and certificates will be sent to the centre.
  5. Candidate numbering
    Centres must allocate a candidate number to each candidate. For each candidate, a unique number within the range of 1 to 9999 must be used. Candidate numbers need not be consecutive but must be listed in ascending numerical order. All subsequent lists of candidates provided by Cambridge International will be in candidate number order.
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Read carefully the following before filling in the Candidate Entry Form
(i) Candidates are strongly advised to consult the current subjects and syllabuses available on the MES
website ( before making their entry.
(ii) Candidates may enter for up to
(i) Ordinary Level 9 subjects
(ii) Advanced Level 4 subjects
(iii) Candidates will be able to make only ONE application online.
Amendments after the final submission of the online application will not be permissible.
Candidates should inform the MES, in writing or by email (, of
any amendment they wish to make to their entries after submission, by Friday 03 September
latest. Any amendment received after Friday 03 September will entail a penalty fee.
(iv) No candidate is allowed to enter for both ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels for the same examination session.
(v) No arrangement will be made by the MES in case of a clash in the timetable with other examining bodies.
(vi) Candidates are requested to effect payment by Bank Transfer, Internet Banking, SBM Mobile app or MCB
Juice from Monday 30 August to Thursday 02 September, solely on the MES account below:
Bank Name State Bank of Mauritius
Account Name Mauritius Examinations Syndicate
Account No 61025100001116
Note: (i) If payment is effected by Bank Transfer, the candidate’s name must be mentioned on
Bank Transfer form.
(ii) The candidate’s name must be inserted in the remarks section of the transaction screen for
Internet Banking, SBM Mobile app or MCB Juice.
Online application will be closed on Thursday 02 September 2021 at 15 00 hours
All candidates over 18 years should be vaccinated before attending the examination.
Kindly send a screenshot of the payment transaction to the MES at the following email address:

Cambridge GCE ‘O’, ‘A’ Levels Oct-Nov Examinations – Private Candidates

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