KNEC Recruitment and Deployment of Personnel Involved in the Conduct of Examinations

By | September 23, 2021

The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, is intending to advertise Supervisors and Invigilators’ posts for personnel to to be in charge of this year’s Business and Technical examinations. Here are the details from knec;


In 2018, the transfer of all Tutors in TVET Institutions was effected to the Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training. This affected a total of 3.800 personnel. The net effect of this has been that KNEC is unable to raise the requisite numbers of Supervision personnel to manage the Business and Technical examinations.
In order to effect a permanent solution to this, it has been decided that the following
steps are taken;

a). KNEC places an advert in the papers requiring all personnel qualified to work as Supervisors and Invigilators to apply through the Sub County Directors of Education. These will include:
i). Trainers in TVET
ii). Trained Teachers who are holders of certificates, Diploma or Degrees from recognized institutions with TSC numbers but not employed by the TSC
iii). Retired Teachers below the age of 65 years,
iv). The applicants should be persons of good moral character, not having any criminal record and of good standing in society.

b). The Sub County Directors of Education to receive the applications and vet on qualification, suitability and location in respect to the relevant institutions, and if round suitable, guide them on procedure for logging in i.e sending an sms to the short code 20078 or logging in using and registering their details.

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c). The TVET County Directors of Education will work with the Sub County Directors of education (MOE) to vet applicants from Technical and Vocational Education Institutions.

d). The Sub County Directors of Education will deploy the requisite staff at least 2 weeks to the start of any Business and Technical examinations, to give time for proper briefing of all Supervisors and Invigilators before the start of the examinations.

e). A list of all vacancies for the particular examinations will be sent to the Sub county Director of Education a month before the start of the specific series of examinations.

f). Supervisors and Invigilators thus duly deployed will log in to access their letters. Budges will be provided by KNEC and sent to the Sub County Directors Office to be issued to them alongside Declaration Farms to be completed as evidence of work done and returned to KNEC.

g). The Sub County Directors of Education (MOE) and the TVET County Directors will monitor the examination and address any shortages and also deal with any indiscipline cases arising during the conduct of examinations.

h). The return of the candidates scripts at the Container, packing and return of the same to KNEC will still be under the custody of the Sub County director of Education (MOE) who may however designate the Sub County Examinations Officer to handle this aspect.