Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Application for Admission

By | October 14, 2021

A variety of resources and services are available to students to help them be successful at MIT. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with and utilize them to support their educational and personal needs in order to achieve their academic goals at the Institute.

Undergraduate Education

MIT’s strength—as represented by its official seal and motto, mens et manus, mind and hand—is the fusion of academic knowledge with practical purpose. MIT believes the best education occurs when students are self-motivated and engaged participants in a dynamic community of learners. Consequently, an MIT undergraduate education combines rigorous academics with a “learning-by-doing” approach.

To earn a bachelor’s degree, undergraduates must complete the General Institute Requirements as well as the course of study prescribed for the degree to be awarded. This section outlines the general requirements together with other important aspects of undergraduate education, including admissions and financial aid.

Graduate Education

MIT graduate programs provide collaborative environments for advanced study by students and faculty working together to extend the boundaries of knowledge. MIT boasts globally prominent graduate programs in engineering, science, computation, architecture and planning, management, and the social sciences and humanities. MIT’s five schools and one college encompass a broad variety of degree paths, each with their unique requirements. Across all schools and the college, MIT graduate programs offer students the opportunity to gain unparalleled discipline-specific knowledge; to master the tools needed to advance research; and to acquire a bedrock foundation in the skills necessary for career advancement.

This section outlines the general requirements together with other important aspects of graduate education, including admissions and financial aid.

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Academic Procedures

What is MIT’s policy on grading? On plagiarism? On harassment? Does MIT disclose information about students to persons outside the Institute? This section contains the essential rules and regulation that govern day-to-day operations at MIT.

In addition to the information presented in this catalog, students are expected to be familiar with the Mind and Hand Book and the Institute Policies and Procedures.

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