IPOS International Singapore Tuition and Fees Structure

By | November 9, 2021

Forms & Fees

Please proceed to our e-services portal, IP2SG, to file your forms online. The acceptable modes of payment can be found here.

We will only accept FormSG for forms/requests that are not available for e-filing in IP2SG.

If filing via FormSG,

Please provide your email address and Singapore contact number in your submission so that we can provide you with the payment instructions.

Payment shall be made via IP2SG’s payment platform. You can expect to receive payment instructions via email within 3 working days after we receive your submission.

Trade Mark Forms

Forms related to Filing under the Madrid Protocol

Forms for Opposition, Revocation or Invalidation

TM4Application to register a trade mark, collective mark or certification mark

After TM4 filing:If you have a successful patent application placed on SG IP FAST, you may separately request to accelerate the examination of your trade mark application after filing Form TM4.Please compose an ad hoc correspondence via your IP2SG account and submit to us with the following attachment(s):Template (33 KB)PDF iconTemplate (80KB)
For class(es) whose specification items are fully adopted from the pre-approved database of goods/services descriptions:S$240 per classFor class(es) whose specification are not fully adopted from the pre-approved database:S$341 per class
TM8Request to divide an application for registrationS$280 for each additional application that the original application is divided into
TM10Filing or amendment of regulations governing the use of a collective mark or certification markFirst time filing of regulations:S$340 in respect of each trade mark numberAmendments of regulations:S$70 per form or in respect of each trade mark number
TM19Application for renewal / restoration of registrationRenewal of registration (on or before expiry):S$380 per classLate renewal of registration:S$560 per classRestoration of registration:S$610 per class
TM27Application to amend a trade mark application or registration (excluding change of name, address, or address for service)Amendment to the specification, class number or the priority claim of a trade mark application or registration:S$40 in respect of each classAll other amendments to a trade mark application or registration (excluding change of name, address, or address for service and amendments pertaining to the specification, class number or the priority claim):S$40 in respect of each trade mark numberEntry of disclaimer or limitation to a trade mark registration:S$35 in respect of each trade mark number
CM1Request to appoint, change or remove an agentNo fee payable
CM2Request to change name, address and Singapore address for service of agent, applicant, proprietor or other interested personNo fee payable
CM3Request to cancel or partially cancel a registered markNo fee payable
CM4Request for correction of errorS$50
CM5Request for extension of timeFirst and second request:No fee payableThird and subsequent request:S$50
CM6Application to register, amend or terminate a licenceS$60 in respect of each trade mark number
CM7Application to register, amend or terminate a security interestS$50 in respect of each trade mark number
CM8Application to register a transfer of ownershipS$70 in respect of each trade mark number
CM9Request for withdrawal of applicationNo fee payable
CM12Request for certified copy of entry in Register or certified extract from RegisterSoft copy:S$28Hard copy:S$35 per copy
CM13Request for reinstatement of rightsS$100
N.A.Assent by personal representativesBy way of a written request submitted via ad hoc correspondence
Word IconTemplate (181KB)PDF iconTemplate (160KB)
 N.A. Filing of Statutory DeclarationBy way of a written request submitted via ad hoc correspondenceWord IconTemplate (36KB)Template (60KB)

See also  BGCSE Online Registration

Forms and Procedures for Other Requests

For certifying office copies, manuscripts or printed matterClick here for more details.
Submit completed template via FormSG.S$12 per document by way of a written request.Word IconTemplate (18KB)PDF iconTemplate (20KB)
Purchase of a copy of the Trade Marks JournalClick here for more details.Submit your request via FormSG.S$12 per past issue
RefundRefund may be allowed under the following list of circumstances:You have made duplicate payment for a form.You have filed duplicate forms.You have submitted a form which cannot be processed. Submit your request via IP2SG.Please note that forms which have been processed are generally not refundable.

Request for refund is subject to approval. Submission of a request does not guarantee a refund.

You are advised to check your forms carefully before submitting them.

Compilation of Forms (For Reference)

To preview the forms on IP2SG on Word/PDF format, please click here.

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