Singapore General Hospital Job Vacancies

By | November 25, 2021

Singapore General Hospital is the largest hospital in Singapore, with 1,600 beds and a comprehensive range of more than 30 clinical specialties. The flagship of the public healthcare system, we ensure that Singaporeans have access to affordable quality care. Every year, about 1 million Singaporeans benefit from advanced medical care delivered by healthcare teams led by our 800 specialists.

If you aspire to be part of a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team that works together to improve our patients’ lives, come join us.

In SGH, we believe that being an Employer of Choice requires more than just providing a conducive workplace and competitive remuneration and benefits.  More importantly, it requires active staff involvement and engagement and in the process, we strive to make every staff feels cared for and fulfilled. 

A highly engaged staff will feel energized and empowered to deliver the best care, meeting the differing needs of the patients.  
Together as a team, we can create Best Staff Best Workplace in SGH — where coming to work is a joy for every staff and our staff find their compelling reasons to stay and contribute making their impact in the lives of our patients.  With a highly engaged workforce, SGH can then grow from strength to strength as an internationally acclaimed tertiary hospital in academic medicine.  Our commitment to being an Employer of Choice is affirmed by the various people practices awards we have won in the human resource arena:

The Learning and Career Development Department (LCDD) in SGH aims to build an Agile, Motivated & Competent workforce that provides quality healthcare to our patients.

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Our Learning Mission

  • Career development for every level of staff
  • Engage staff through learning initiatives
  • Support staff learning through seamless process and systems
  • Build future healthcare pipeline to meet our Nation’s needs

 As learning is part of SGH, we offer ample sponsorship and training opportunities. In SGH, we provide a systematic approach to develop our employees. Some examples of sponsorship and training opportunities are:

  • Overseas attachments
  • Certification and formal education
  • Classroom training
  • Health Manpower Development Plan Award (HMDP)
  • Lifelong learning bursary
  • Local / Overseas conferences and courses
  • On-the-Job training 

Be Part of SGH

At Singapore’s flagship hospital, your satisfaction goes beyond healing patients. Join us for a rewarding career in healthcare.

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