48kg Gas Cylinder Prices in Zimbabwe

A gas cylinder is a containment apparatus that will store a gaseous compound under pressure for use in medical settings. The physical form of the stored compound can be gas and/or liquid, with the ultimate output from the apparatus being gaseous.


Decanting Pipe


Decanting Pipe

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48kg Gas Tanks

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How much is a 48 kg gas cylinder?

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How long is a 48kg gas cylinder?

48 Kg LP Gas Bottle REFILL

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How much does a full 48kg gas bottle weigh?

A full 48kg LP gas cylinder weighs nearly 100kg.

What is the price of a 52kg gas cylinder?

Rama Stainless Steel Argon Gas Cylinders, 46.7 Litre, 52 kg at Rs 8400 in Ahmedabad.