About Chancellor College Department of Fine & Performing Arts

About University of Malawi, Chancellor College Department of Fine & Performing Arts


The FPA department was established in September 1981 and is made of three specialized sections: Fine Arts, Music, and Drama. The department promotes academic excellence over and above sound creative and practical know-how in fine and performing arts disciplines. It equips students with requisite academic and artistic skills for their career and professional development both at national and international levels.
Its academic, research, and outreach programmes connect to cultural and development needs of the nation and beyond. As such, it is committed to producing highly motivated graduates who are expected to contribute to socio-cultural development as well as creative economy (a leading economic growth, employment, trade and innovation) in many parts of the world


In line with the vision and mission of the University of Malawi, our motto is: an educated individual has to be complete in his/her intellectual and emotional mindset. Therefore the department’s effort has been to maintain the delicate balance between advancing pure intellectual pursuits and providing solid grounding in physical skills applicable to services of national development and creative economy.


Apart from empowering students with artistic, creative, organizational, and research skills, the department produces in students the most vital attributes of a human – discipline, patriotism, team spirit, perseverance, independence, and creative resourcefulness. These are some of the attributes that any informed employer would look for in a workforce.