Accreditation Process in Botswana

Accreditation is a review process to determine if educational programs meet defined standards of quality. Once achieved, accreditation is not permanent it is renewed periodically to ensure that the quality of the educational program is maintained.


  1. The application for the Accreditation of Learning Programme shall be made to Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) office, within 12 months of an Education and Training Provider (ETP) who has been registered and accredited by BQA. Failing to do so will result in one’s registration and accreditation being revoked.
  2. An Education and Training Provider that wishes to offer a learning program should:
    • Identify a registered National Credit and Qualification against which they want to develop a Learning Programme.
    • Develop a Learning Programme based on the BQA Quality Assurance Standard 3 requirements.
    • Seek endorsement from relevant professional bodies/industries (where appropriate).
    • Apply for accreditation of the Learning Programme.
  3. Following the submission of an application, BQA will conduct an assessment of the application and produce a report.
  4. A recommendation will then be made to Quality Assurance Committees (decision-making structure).
  5. The Quality Assurance Committees will make decisions for applications falling under NCQF Level 8 and make recommendations to the Board for applications falling between NCQF Levels 8 to 10.
  6. The Board will make decisions for applications falling between NCQF Levels 8 to 10.

NB: Accreditation of learning programs shall be done at a fee set out in the Fees Regulations

To submit an application for Learning Programme accreditation click here.

How many steps are there in the accreditation process?

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There are up to seven key steps in the process to become an accredited organization.22 Dec 2020

How do I get BQA accreditation?

BQA Online Application Submissions is as easy as 1.2. 3. Kindly follow these steps to submit applications.

  1. Click on the individual form tab for individual forms or Company application forms.
  2. Select the submission link.
  3. Complete forms and attach documents.
  4. Online payment.

What is ETP from BQA?

Any person that wishes to operate as an Education and Training Provider(ETP) or an Awarding Body for any of the sub-systems that are; General Education(GE), Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET), or Higher Education(HE), shall apply to the Authority for registration and accreditation.

What does Botswana Qualification Authority do?

BQA is established by the Botswana Qualifications Authority Act in 2013 to: provide for and maintain the National Credit and Qualifications Framework (NCQF) and to coordinate the education, training, and skills development quality assurance system, from early childhood to tertiary level (lifelong learning).

What is the 5-step accreditation process?

Self-assessment, Assessment, Commission Review, and Decision, and. Maintaining Compliance and Reaccreditation.