African Leadership College ALC Courses Offered

African Leadership College ALC Courses Offered

Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Year 1 | Building foundational skills, discovering yourself, and figuring out your major

During your first year at ALU, you’ll be immersed in the leadership core and the plethora of opportunities in and outside the classroom. You’ll also have the chance to start thinking about which degree programme you would like to opt into. To facilitate your decision making process, you will be able to experience some of the majors directly through demo sessions (opportunities for you to actually experience curriculum from the majors), community events, and dropping into classes and presentations from students currently in majors. Additionally, you’ll be able to lean on your advising squad and reach out to faculty in the respective programs to help align your interests with the degree programme that is right for you.
For example, if you’re interested in health, energy, and politics, you could sit in on classes in social science, business, and engineering and meet with faculty from the different majors. You can also experience the majors directly by spending time in the engineering lab programming a Raspberry Pi into a smart TV or working on a drone. Or you could try your hand at social sciences by participating in a day of field research with other prospective social science majors.
Much of this will happen during Flex Time in your first year – a five week period towards the end of the year where you have the chance to work on different projects and learning assignments at your own pace.

Year 2 | Diving into Your Degree Programme

After completing our First Year Leadership Core and your first internship, you’ll return to campus where you’ll dive into your degree programmes. You’ll also take part in our African Studies Core, continue learning and creating through extra-curriculars, and sharpening your skills with the Career Development Team. And for those who are interested in entrepreneurship, you can apply to the Student Ventures Programme.
We currently offer four degrees at ALC Mauritius: Business Management, Computing, Electrical Power Systems Engineering, and Social Sciences. Degree programmes (i.e. majors) are a vehicle for developing foundational skills and knowledge in a field of your choice. We’ve designed our degrees in ways that provide breadth in key areas while affording students opportunities to explore and pursue depth in particular domains or problem spaces of interest. For example, an engineering degree grounds a student with foundational knowledge in their respective field (e.g. electrical power engineering) and opportunities to gain depth within aspects of that field (e.g. designing renewable energy systems or launching a business based on a novel idea you developed using Raspberry Pis).
You’ll spend most of your time focusing on your programme of choice, but you’ll also have the chance to engage in a few signature experiences:

  1. The African Studies Core (Mandatory) is a 24 week course that all students take during their second year at ALU. The course challenges how we think about African history, how we grapple with diversity on the continent, and challenges paradigms for understanding African politics, society, and culture. ASC draws from multiple disciplines to combine questions and knowledge in Humanities, Social Sciences, History and Arts. It’s primary aim is to give sound context for thought in and about Africa, as well as action in it.
  2. The Student Ventures Programme (Optional) is a series of structured experiences and resources to help ALU students grow as entrepreneurs. The programme empowers students to discover and explore their interest related to entrepreneurship, to synthesize, connect and apply what they learn at ALU and beyond, to gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience and launch sustainable business ventures. It is a non-mandatory experience tailored to all students based on their entrepreneurship “profile”. The Student Ventures Programme contains core elements of community building, pre-incubation, and incubation and students can enter different levels of the SVP through an application process.
  3. The Psych Programme (Optional) is a project based programme designed by and for students interested in applied psychology. Students build their skills in cognitive empathy, analytic reading, and experimentation through a series of projects, a curated resource library, and other community driven events. Most importantly, the programme maintains a high degree of personalization so that students can balance building foundational knowledge in psychology with opportunities to dive into areas that specifically interest them.

African Leadership College (ALC) currently offers the following degree programmes, accredited by our founding academic partners, Glasgow Caledonian University.

African Leadership College (ALC) currently offers the following degree programmes, accredited by our founding academic partners, Glasgow Caledonian University.

  • Business Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Electrical Power Systems Engineering
  • Computing

ALU is opening its Rwanda campus in Kigali Heights in September 2017. Prospective majors to be offered by this campus include:

  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • International Business and Trade
  • Global Challenges
  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship

Postgraduate Programme

The ALU MBA is a first-of-a-kind offering in Africa—and indeed in the world. It is designed to radically shift your trajectory as a rising executive. Through this unique 20-month, part-time programme, you will enhance your skills as a leader, develop a powerful network across Africa and deepen your expertise in business.