AUGCYD Students Admission

AUGCYD Students Admission

Admission of students to the AUGCYD is based on merit. Prospective University students apply for admission direct to the University.  The University also set up independent focal points in other countries outside Malawi to decentralize the application process and the processing of the applications.

Steps to follow when applying:

 Simply follow the following steps for your application:

  • Step 1 – Choose a course

  • Step 2 – Apply

  • Step 3 – Get help

  • Step 4 – Track your application

Check each programme by its units/courses and the entry requirements in order for you to choose what programme might suit you best:

  • Foundation Course /International Foundation Semester

  • Undergraduate degrees

  • Postgraduate degree

Before you make a decision you might find it helpful to read our Information on Minimum Entry Requirements. Additionally, you should always check the specific requirements of the programme carefully before you apply.