Babies Shops in Gaborone Botswana

The store focuses on children’s products for ages 0 to 16 and sells major brands including Barbie, Disney, Philips AVENT, Fisher-Price, Chicco, Juniors, Giggles, Graco, Lego, Joie, Hauck, and Ferrari.

Babies R Us Airport Junction Shopping Centre

MotherBabyPride Maternity

The Herba baby

Toys R Us Airport Junction Shopping Centre

Ackermans Gaborone Game City


Oodles Of Caboodle

The Crazy Store Gaborone Mowana Park

Bush Babies

PEP Gaborone Game City

The Crazy Store Gaborone Game City

Ackermans Gaborone Broadhurst

PEP Gaborone Game City Mall

Game Gaborone

Ackermans Gaborone Rail Park Mall

The Crazy Store Airport Junction Shopping Centre

PEP Gaborone Station

PEP Gaborone African Mall


PEP Gaborone River Walk

What is the real meaning of an infant?

noun. a child during the earliest period of its life, especially before he or she can walk; baby. Law. a person who is not of full age, especially one who has not reached the age of 18 years; a minor.

What does it mean if a girl calls you a baby?

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What does it mean when a girl calls you babe? 

She’s being friendly. Some girls call people “babes” to show friendly warmth, not because they have a crush. Pay attention to her body language when she says “babe,” and think about whether she says it to anyone else.

Can it be used for a baby?

Do we use the pronoun IT for a baby? It is used to name a thing or an animal. Also when a baby is born, we use IT to refer to the sex of the baby. It is a boy or it is a girl?