BACHELOR OF EDUCATION – Primary and Secondary Admission Requirements

BACHELOR OF EDUCATION – Primary and Secondary Admission Requirements


Subject to the provisions of the General Regulations and the Faculty of Education Regulations, the following Special Regulations of the Institute shall apply:
1.         Year to Year Progression
1.1     Progression from one level to the next shall be governed by the University General Regulations, the Faculty of Education Regulations and the IDE General Regulations.
2.          Assessment
2.1     There shall be formal examinations at the end of each semester.
2.2   Where a course is assessed by course work and a formal examination, the weighting shall be in the ratio of 1:1. For courses taken in other Faculties, the ratio shall be as determined by the Faculty concerned.
2.3     Courses which include a substantial amount of practical work may be examined by continuous assessment only. The procedure and ratios shall be as determined by Departmental regulations.
2.4     Projects must be passed at 50% or better.
2.5     A student who receives a FAIL grade in any project or practical work shall be required to repeat the project or practical work.
2.6     No student shall be awarded a Degree without a pass in all the required courses, including Projects and Teaching Practice.
3           Supplementary Examinations
3.1     Courses for which formal examinations are not set are not supplementable. All other courses are supplementable.
3.2     A student who has obtained an E grade (40-49%) in a course(s) shall be required to supplement the failed course(s).
3.3     A student who has failed any course(s) shall be required to repeat the failed course(s).
3.4     A student may supplement and/or repeat any number of courses.

Entrance Requirements

A. Holders of Teachers Certificates and Diplomas

Candidates will be considered for admission to Level 1 of the degree if they have a pass in the qualifications below. In addition, candidates should have a pass in Education:
(i)         the Diploma in Education (Secondary or In-Service)  OR
(ii)        the two-year Secondary Teacher’s Certificate (STC) OR
(iii)       the two-year Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (STD) OR
(iv)       the three-year Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (STD) OR
(v)        a recognized equivalent qualification;
In addition to the above, candidates who wish to pursue the B.Ed. Secondary (Commerce or Science) must have obtained a credit pass in their O-Level (or IGCSE)/SGCSE Mathematics.
The major subjects must fit into an acceptable Level 1 programme approved by the Institute of Distance Education. The subjects are:
Accounting                                          Commerce
Economics                                         Business Studies
Religious Education                         African Languages
English                                                 History
Geography, Environmental Science and Planning (Currently not available)  and
the Science subjects: Biology, Chemistry,   Mathematics and Physics (which are currently not available).
Candidates possessing the Diploma in Education (In-Service) or the three-year Secondary Teacher’s Diploma and possessing an overall credit pass may be recommended to Senate to proceed to Level 2 of the B.Ed (Secondary) Degree Programme. Normally, a recommendation will be given in cases where the candidate has:
(a)        obtained at least 60 percent in the major Subjects to be pursued in the B.Ed programme; and
(b)        successfully completed the In-Service Diploma in not more than three (3) years of study.
If a transfer to B.Ed (Secondary) Level 2 is not taken up within two years of its recommendation, the candidate may be considered for admission to Level 1 of the degree programme.

Direct entry through GCE O’ Level

(Currently not considered)
Candidates with General Certificate of Education (GCE) O’ Level & Cambridge Oversees School Certificate  (COSC) qualifications shall be considered for direct admission into the  Bachelor of Education (Secondary/Science) if they have one of the following:
(a)        O’ Level Admissions A minimum of six passes in the GCE obtained in not more than two (2) sittings, which must include a grade C or better in:
(i) English Language and Mathematics and
(ii)        EITHER
two of the following:
Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Science (Chemistry/ Physics)
Combined Science and Additional Combined Science
(iii) Any other subject
(b)        Cambridge Overseas School Certificate (COSC) in the 1st  or 2nd division with a minimum of five (5) credits (a C grade or better) which must include the subjects  listed in (a) above.

        (c)   lnternational General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)/ SGCSE Admissions

The minimum requirement for entrance to the Bachelor of Education degree programme for holders of IGCSE/SGCSE shall be: A minimum of six passes in the IGCSE/SGCSE, which must include a C grade or better in
(i) English Language and Mathematics
(ii) EITHER Two of the following:
Biology                                        Chemistry
Geography                                  Physics
Physical Science
             OR  Co-ordinated Sciences
(iii) Any other subject.