Blantyre International University (BIU)

Blantyre International University (BIU)

About Blantyre International University (BIU)

Blantyre International University (BIU) was established in 2008 to provide high quality university education for this century. This is predicated on its belief that education must be life-long – that education is not a spatial monopoly of something called the school and college; not a time-bound learning experience; there is no such thing as childhood education, adolescent education, youth education, or adult education. There is just education which is a way of life, a life-long way of life. Every year, every month, every day, a person will be learning, open to learning and must be given the opportunity to learn in the home, school, university, factory, farm, hospital, office, co-operative, church, trade union, political party, cinema and club, etc. Education must be open.
In this regard, BIU believes in the need for the re-orientation and vitalisation of education with a view to preparing the young for the modern times that we live in.

Blantyre International University (BIU) Courses Offered

Undergraduate Programmes:

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Blantyre International University (BIU) Admissions

All applicants are expected to satisfy procedures and criteria for admission to the University, and to submit acceptable certified documents which verify that they have satisfactorily completed all admission requirements. Students who meet all requirements are considered for acceptance to the University.

Undergraduate entry requirements
Applicants for admission into the undergraduate programmes are subject to selective screening based on academic achievement at the secondary level. see information below below shows the standards for evaluating secondary school’s credentials for undergraduate admission:
Malawi Certificate of Secondary Education [ MCSE ] or IGCSE/GCSE 
Full certificate with at least three credit passes in subjects relevant for the respective degree programme
A – Level
One ‘A’ Level Pass
One upper level pass
Mature entry
Work or business experience of three years or more
Mode of study
Since BIU subscribes to the view that education must be life-long, especially in this 21st century, BIU, offers the following modes of study:

  • Full Time
  • Distance

Degree course duration
The duration of the University’s first degree courses is four years, except for the Law (Honours) Degree which takes five years. A student may in approved cases be exempted from certain levels or courses or both provided that the student shall have successfully completed approved or equivalent university level courses elsewhere and that the student shall be required to complete at least one half (50%) of the programme through BIU.
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Blantyre International University (BIU) Prospectus

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Blantyre International University (BIU) Academic Calendar 2017

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Blantyre International University (BIU) Contact Details

Phsyical Address:

Naperi, Blantyre

Postal Address:

Private Bag 98,
Telephone: +265 1 831 516
Fax: +265 1 831 514