Borehole Drilling Prices in Zimbabwe

A borehole is a narrow shaft bored into the ground, either vertically or horizontally. A borehole may be constructed for many different purposes, including the extraction of water (drilled water well and tube well), other liquids (such as petroleum), or gases (such as natural gas).

The Cost or Prices For Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe:

1. Siting: $100.00USD

2. Drilling and Casing: (40 Metres) $1000.00USD – (Using Class 6)


Drilling and Casing: (40 Metres)

$1300.00USD – (Using Class 9)

Extra Metres After 40 Metres: USD $30.00USD per metre.

Double Casing: $25.00USD per metre.

3. AC Electrical or Generator Submersible Pump Complete Installation: $1000.00USD

4. DC Solar Pump Installation (Fix and Supply incl. Solar panels and Tower and lightning protection): $1400.00USD

5. 5000 Litre Tank and 4 metre Tank Stand: $1000.00USD

6. Stuck Pump Fishing Out: $250.00USD

8. Capacity Testing: $250.00USD

Note this is the below-the-average price borehole companies charge for their services in Zimbabwe, but we have managed to keep our charges low due to great workmanship and ability to deliver professionally in record time allowing us to reap small but several profit margins at the accolades and smiles of our clients

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How much does it cost to drill a borehole in Zimbabwe?

A borehole installation can cost anything from $ 1000 USD to $ 5000 USD but can cost more depending on how deep you need to drill, and the amount. The best drilling companies in Zimbabwe have extensive knowledge and expertise that enables them to successfully complete borehole drilling.

How much does borehole drilling cost?

Borehole costs in South Africa, if everything goes according to plan, can be anything from R 30 000 to R 100 000, including labour, pipes, cables, rope and a base plate.

How long does it take to drill a borehole in Zimbabwe?

between 2-3 hours

Drilling depends on the depth and type of ground. Usually, between 2-3 hours is all that is required depending on the formations in the ground.

Do I need permission to drill a borehole in Zimbabwe?

It is illegal to drill a borehole without authorization. ZINWA Groundwater Department can easily facilitate authorisations to drill boreholes only for boreholes it will have been hired to drill. Groundwater Abstraction Permits: An abstraction permit is required before abstracting groundwater.