Botswana Entry Requirements For Us Citizens

A citizen is a person who, by place of birth, nationality of one or both parents, or naturalization is granted full rights and responsibilities as a member of a nation or political community. [Last updated in January of 2022 by the Wex Definitions Team] CIVICS. immigration law. the Constitution.

Can I travel to Botswana? Botswana is open for travel without any quarantine or testing requirements.

America is well known for its variety, and with top travel destinations like Las Vegas and New York within its shores, it’s easy to understand why so many US citizens choose to vacation at home. One attraction that might be hard to find in the United States, however, is an authentic safari. Elephants haven’t roamed through the American continent for a while now, if ever, so the plains of Botswana have a definite attraction for travelers who are looking for information about the Botswana Visa for US Citizens.

US passport holders don’t need to apply for a Botswana eVisa, but you can learn more about this stunning country in the FAQ section

What documents do I need to apply?

Getting a Botswana Visa For US Citizens is a breeze because, since 12th August 2021, travelers from this country don’t need to submit documentation in advance. Arrivals from other countries, such as India and Nigeria, will need to submit their form before traveling to Botswana. At, we require the following to process this visa:

  • Passport
  • Email address
  • Payment card for fee payment

Is there more than one processing speed available?

As globe-trotters ourselves, the team has experienced last-minute trips and document emergencies, so we know how valuable an express service can be. Travelers with future plans can make the most of our Standard processing option, whilst those in a hurry might be best to pick Super Rush. Either way, you’ll receive a fantastic level of service.

  • Standard Processing TimeUSD $86.99 – 5 Business Days
  • Rush Processing TimeUSD $149.99 – 3 Business Days
  • Super Rush Processing TimeUSD $188.99 – 1 Business Day

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Can I trust to process my travel applications correctly?

Click on the customer feedback page if you’d like more clarification about the quality of service that you’re likely to experience at Thousands of happy travelers can’t be wrong, so when you’re finished scoping out their reviews, feel free to take a look at our application format.

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Where can I learn more about the Botswana Visa for US Citizens?

We have a valued customer service team working behind the scenes to provide fast, easy-to-understand answers to any question or concern that might come to mind when you’re processing your electronic visa form. No matter what time it is, day or night, our help desk is always staffed by an experienced travel document processing expert who can share their knowledge by email or chat.

Do US citizens need a visa to enter Botswana?

U.S. citizens are permitted stays up to 90 days total within a 12-month period without a visa. The total stay permitted for each visit is recorded on the entry stamp by Botswana immigration officials and may be less than 90 days.

Can I get a Botswana visa on arrival?

Remember, now it’s not necessary to apply in advance for the Botswana Visa for US Citizens, as travelers from the US can get a Visa on Arrival.

How long does it take to get Botswana eVisa?

Costs and processing times of the Botswana eVisa

Standard Processing Time: This is the standard option, which costs USD $86.99, and the approval time is 5 Business Days. Rush Processing Time: This is a faster option. It takes just 3 Business Days for a fee of USD $149.99.

How much is US visa fee in Botswana?

Fees for Consular and Immigration Services

ServiceUS $
7Application for Visa
8Tourist Visa$ 30 single entry up to 1 month
9Single entry Visitor Visa up to 3 months$ 30
10Visitor Visa more than 3months$ 150