Cape Accounting CXX Org Past Papers

Accounting is the financial information system that provides relevant information to anyone who owns, manages or uses economic resources or engages in economic activity.

The syllabus provides opportunities for students to acquire relevant competencies, attitudes and values for the work environment and to develop an awareness of the social and ethical responsibilities of accountants and users of financial information. Additionally, the syllabus provides a foundation for further study of Accounting at pre-professional and professional levels.

This is a two-Unit syllabus. Each Unit is further subdivided into three (3) Modules.

Unit 1: Financial Accounting

Module 1Accounting Theory, Recording and Control Systems
Module 2Preparation of Financial Statements
Module 3Financial Reporting and Interpretation

Unit 2: Cost and Management Accounting

Module 1Costing Principles
Module 2Costing Systems
Module 3Planning and Decision Making

Monitoring Educational Performance in the Caribbean.pdf

File Name: Monitoring Educational Performance in the Caribbean.pdf
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Author: Emanuela Di Gropello
Publisher: World Bank Publications Published Date: 2003-01-01
Page: 96 Pages.

This study represents the first attempt of providing a comprehensive quantification of educational outcomes in the Caribbean region. Its main objectives.

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