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Bindura University of Science Education Payment Of Fees For August To December 2023 Semester

Important Notice To All Students On Payment Of Fees For August To December 2023 Semester Please be advised that owing to ongoing discussions between the University and its stakeholders, the fee structure for the August – December 2023 semester is yet to be finalised. Students are however encouraged to pay a deposit of USD300 payable at the interbank… Read More »

Arrupe Jesuit University Scholarship Programme Application

AJU NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME 2. PROVIDING FALSE INFORMATION Providing false information may result in one or all of the following:2.1 cancellation of admission,AAJU Need-Based Scholarship Application Form: June 20222.2 disqualification for the award of scholarship or2.3 refund of all the payments received and or a penalty equal to the total scholarship amount. 3. INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING OUT THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION… Read More »

Zimbabwe Schools Exams Council June Online Registration

The ZIMSEC June 2023 Examination Registration is now in progress. Visit your nearest School/ Centre for registration.The 2023 examination fees have been pegged in USD as follows: Examination Level USD Portion Paid byCandidates(Public schools, local authority and not for profit Mission schools)USD Portion Paid by Government (Subsidy) USD Total Fees (Private school, College and private candidates)Ordinary Level (Per… Read More »

Independent Examinations Board IEB NSC Final Exams Timetable

2023 IEB NSC Final Examination Timetable  The 2023 IEB NSC Final Examination Timetable can be downloaded here in English/Afrikaans. Key Dates  The IEB is an independent assessment body offering a range of certified assessments, benchmarked assessments and training. We are accredited by Umalusi for school and adult assessments, the QCTO for the  Foundational Learning Competence and the ETDP SETA for training courses in assessment practices. The IEB International Secondary… Read More »

ECOL Online Registration

Online Registration is a web portal through which Private Candidates and School Candidates can register for ECoL-administered examinations. The portal is categorised into two sections with each section dedicated to each type of candidate, that is, Private Candidates have a section used by only them in the web portal and school candidates have their own. The School Candidates… Read More »

BGCSE-Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education

The Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education examination is an internationally recognised certification taken at the high school student’s level, which is usually required to attend university or study for professional qualifications. These are exams formed by the Ministry of Education in the Government of The Bahamas and commissioned by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.   Bahamas… Read More »

University of Technology Mauritius October Intake

General Note to Applicants Enrolment for April 2023 (Academic Year 2023) Programme on Offer April 2023 Additional General Notes to International Applicants Application Form for April 2023 Intake  Application procedure for Mauritian students General Notes to Applicants Offer of Modules on Stand-Alone/Audit Mode Policy Application Form for October 2023 Intake  Additional General Notes to Mauritian Applicants Application for Module… Read More »

University of Mauritius Short Course Application

Short Course: Teaching Strategies and Administrative Responsibilities of Part-Time LecturersLC 0050 Click here to download: Advert|Application Form Application form duly filled in should be sentby latest Friday 19 August 2023 prior to payment by email to:                     Mrs Shamim Ajaheb-Bahadoor                    Email:… Read More »

Open University of Mauritius Enrolment for July/August Intake

After submitting your application online, you will receive an acknowledgement email containing your ApplicationCode (RDAP NO.). Please keep this code handy as you will need it for further admission processes. You will obtain the links for specific payment vouchers after submitting your online application. Please, click on ‘Cash Deposit Voucher’ or ‘Bank Transfer Voucher’ to access the appropriate… Read More »