Census Enumerator Salary in Botswana

A census enumerator is responsible for recording the housing units and residents in a specific geographic area. As an enumerator you are expected to: 1. Know who should be counted as residents.

A Census Enumerator will work with many professionals, like Social Workers, to ensure that all local community members are included in surveys and census information.

The field enumerator is primarily responsible for collecting field data. They have direct contact with respondents and have a great bearing on the quality of data collected and ultimately on the quality of data output.

“Our concerns revolve around the following; Our clients are shocked by your office’s decision to decide against paying them accommodation and dinner allowance, stating that the mere fact of applying in Gaborone Office of the District Commissioner translates to having accommodation in Gaborone,” reads the letter.

According to the letter, “The shock nourished by the fact that trainee enumerators in other districts are paid P300.00 (three hundred pula) per day as accommodation.”

In one of the letters addressed to the concerned supervisors and enumerators, Statistician General Button Nguni explained that “the non-resident trainee enumerators shall be given P300.00 allowance for lodging, P50.00 allowance for supper.”

“All trainee enumerators shall be given P50 for transport, supervisors are eligible for subsistence allowance, if the training venue is located outside their locality of residence,” he said. He said the criteria used to determine eligibility for payment of these allowances, was therefore strictly on the basis of the locality where training was taking place, such that no payment was to be made where a supervisor or trainee enumerator’s locality of residence was the same as the locality where the training venue was based except for transport allowance for enumerators.

Which ministry is responsible for the population census in Botswana?

Statistics Botswana

Statistics Botswana conducts the Population and Housing Census (PHC) within the jurisdiction of two (2) key legal instruments namely: the Census Act (Cap 17:02) of 1904.

Do census enumerators get travel expenses?

A separate pre-determined travel allowance is payable for each enumeration area.

Who is the coordinator of the census in Botswana?

Mr. Kwenagape Mogotsinyane

Census Secretariat Office has been established and the National Census Coordinator Mr. Kwenagape Mogotsinyane has been appointed.

How many census districts are there in Botswana?

Districts of Botswana
LocationRepublic of Botswana
Number17 Districts
Populations3,598 (Sowa) – 576,064 (Central District)
Areas17 km2 (6.6 sq mi) (Orapa) – 142,076 km2 (54,856 sq mi) (Central District)

How many hours do census enumerators work?

approximately 22 hours per week

The job of Census Enumerator is highly flexible, so a perfect option for many people not in a position to commit to full-time work. Over the ten weeks, enumerators will work approximately 22 hours per week and can largely pick their own hours.