Chancellor College Faculty of Social Science

Chancellor College Faculty of Social Science


The mission of the Faculty of Social Science is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Malawi and the region through building the critical social insights to facilitate teaching and learning, the implementation of relevant research programmes, consultancy services and development of relevant policy instruments in various social science fields.


The Faculty is composed of six major departments of Economics, History, Political and Administrative Studies (PAS), Population Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. It brings together staff from a wide range of fields within the social sciences which include Economics, Demography, Development Studies, Gender Studies, History, Human Resource Management, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, and Sociology.


The faculty also hosts the Centre for Social Research (CSR) and the Centre for Conflict Resolution and Management.


This is a multidisciplinary faculty which focuses on social science, teaching, research, consulting and outreach. It offers a broad Bachelor of Social Science degree qualification with majors in Economics, History, Population Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. It also offers the following specialised degree programmes: BA Human Resource Management, BA in Political Science, BA in Public Administration, Bachelor of Social Science in Gender Studies, and Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work. The faculty also offers post graduate degrees such as MA in African Social History, MA in Development Studies, MA in Economics, MA in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, MA in Political Science, MA in Public Administration and Management, and MA in Sociology. The faculty has PhD programmes in Development Studies, Economics, and Sociology.