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GCE means General Certificate Examination. This examination has worldwide acceptance and can be used for entry into any university in the world. The results are currently being published on our website, please be patient.

GCE exams usually take place between May and June each year in Cameroon. Generally, in Cameroon General Certificate Examinations are taken by two major sets of people. LIRE: GCE Results-Ordinary Advanced Level Cameroon [PDF]

The first set of candidates are those who have carried out five years of preparation after living in primary school, referred to as Ordinary Level students sitting for the O Level certificate. The second set of candidates is those who have carried out two years of studies after obtaining the Ordinary Level certificate and are said to be sitting in for Advance Level exams to obtain the A Level Certificate.

In Cameroon, there are many opportunities and openings available to both successful candidates of the Advanced level and Ordinary level GCE. Once your results are known, the first thing that has to come to mind is “what will I do next”. This is usually a point in a student’s life that is very crucial, especially for those with an Advanced level GCE.

LIRE:  Cameroon GCE A Level Physics syllabus.

Cameroon GCE results in pdf.

Writing from my experience back in the days when we lacked proper orientation. Once we knew we had passed the A level, we were just happy that we will be going to the University not even knowing what we will study at the University. We were just happy that we are University students.

Now, from experience and studies made in Cameroon by kamerpower from 2008 to 2017, out of 10000 students who are admitted to the Universities in Cameroon every year, only 1000 students tend to study what they like and those 1000 students are those who are properly orientated.

GCE Results O Level General Cameroon. The results are released 21st of August. 

GCE Results O Level General Cameroon.

GCE Results A/L Cameroon “A” Advanced Level GRAMMAR – CGCE. GCE results were released on the 21st of August.

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GCE Results A/L Cameroon “A” Advanced Level General GRAMMAR – CGCE.

Then out of the 9000 that just go to the university for University’s sake, 6000 tend to switch departments or change programs in their second year at the University. This switch in departments or change in programs is due to either the program being difficult or the student does not like it or frustration and many more.

LIRE:  GCE Results 2021 Cameroon O L and A L Released

And some even continue right up their third year and change programs. You see the length the student had gone and had to change or even reapply to what he/she actually likes and wants. So when choosing a program to study at the University, try to ask questions to those who are already at the University. They are more experience and you are in a good position to orientate yourself.  Let me just cut this story short, but promise that it will be continued in another episode on  

Cameroon GCE results in pdf.

As of 2018 in Cameroon, there were already more than 7 state universities just naming a few, the University of Buea and the University of Bamenda for the anglophones, the University of Yaounde I, the University of Yaounde II Soa, the University of Douala, the University of Dschang, University of Maroua, University of Ngaoundere, which studies are done in French and some program are in English. 

But what Anglophone students usually do if they want to study at a francophone University, is they apply for studies and during the first year of studies, they get used to the french language and from their second year they are good since Cameroon is bilingual.  LIRE:  2022-2023 Cameroon School Year Calendar MINEDUB-MINESEC

Then for those who want to study at professional institutions, thank God that they are so many of them here in Cameroon. But the majority of them require a written competitive entrance in order to gain admission. If you are interested in studying in any, here is a link to the ones that have been recently launched in ENGLISH and FRENCH.

Check GCE Online Results O Level Technical Cameroon