Chest x-ray Prices in Zimbabwe

A chest radiograph called a chest X-ray, or chest film, is a projection radiograph of the chest used to diagnose conditions affecting the chest, its contents, and nearby structures. Chest radiographs are the most common film taken in medicine.


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  • Consultation$20
  • Digital X-Ray$200
  • Digital Ortho-Pantograph X-ray$50
  • CT Scan (Cone Beam)$200
  • Face Bow Registration (Gnathological Treatment)$420
  • Arcus Digma II – 3D Digital Bite Registration$900

Oral Surgery/Implantology

Periodontal Surgery

Conservative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry


What does an X-ray of the chest show?

Chest X-rays produce images of your heart, lungs, blood vessels, airways, and the bones of your chest and spine. Chest X-rays can also reveal fluid in or around your lungs or air surrounding a lung.

How do I know if my chest X-ray is normal?

Normal chest x-ray: Anatomy tutorial | Kenhub

Air on an X-ray looks dark, so when the lungs are clear and healthy, that’s exactly how they should look: not quite black, because there is still tissue there, but still quite dark. If the lungs look like they have regions of density within them, that’s something to take note of.

Can a chest X-ray show asthma?

How a Chest X-ray Can Aid Asthma Patients | Independent Imaging

While a chest X-ray may not be able to show whether you have asthma per se, it can confirm if another condition is responsible for the symptoms. Similarly, when you come into the ER after a severe asthma attack, doctors will also require you to have a chest X-ray done.

How many types of chest X-rays are there?

Chest radiograph | Radiology Reference Article |

Chest radiogram. Chest film. Plain chest radiograph. Plain chest x-ray.