College of Medicine The Pharmacy Department

College of Medicine The Pharmacy Department

About College of Medicine The Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department was established in 2006 and is housed in modern accommodation in Pharmacy Building. It enjoys close proximity to other sciences departments within the state-of-the-art College of Medicine Mahatma Ghandi Campus.
The BSc Pharm course comprises a four-year university education and is followed by a one-year practical education. Due to the strong demand, the number of BSc Pharm students has increased to currently 40-60 per year.
Research in the Department aims to discover the fundamental mechanisms which underlie important problems in pharmacology, and also addresses research priorities outlined in the Malawi National Health Research Agenda, geared towards obtaining evidence which is needed for policy and decision making in the pharmaceutical sector in Malawi.
The Pharmacy Department has formal collaborations with a number of well-known international universities and research institutions. It is a collaborating member of the FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN Centre of Excellence of Schools of Pharmacy in Africa..

College of Medicine The Pharmacy Department Courses Offered

The BSc Pharm course at the University of Malawi comprises a four-year university education and is followed by a one-year practical education. In the first academic year, basic sciences are learnt together with the students of medicine. The specific pharmaceutical subjects, such as Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice and Management of Drug and Medical Supplies are taught in the second, third and fourth academic year.
Already during their university years, students visit private pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, the Central Medical Stores Trust, the pharmaceutical industry and the wards of the teaching hospitals. They also develop a research project and carry it out in health service facilities or in a pharmaceutical laboratory.
The curriculum of the BSc Pharm course can be found here.
The internship year, following the university education, is organized by the responsible national authority in Malawi (Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board). Six months are completed in hospital pharmacies, and two months each in a private pharmacy, in the pharmaceutical industry and in the Central Medical Stores Trust.
The College of Medicine offers various postgraduate degrees open to BSc Pharm graduates. Specific postgraduate courses in Pharmacy are currently being developed.

Pharmacy year 1

PHA 100   Pharmacy – An Introduction
PHA 110   Anatomy
PHA 130   Physiology
PHA 120   Biochemistry
PHA 107   Community Health – Principles of Epidemiology & Statistics
PHA 108   Community Health – An introduction

Pharmacy Year 2

PHA 200   Pharmaceutics I
PHA 201   Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
PHA 202   Pharmacology I
PHA 203   Pharmacognosy
PHA 204   Microbiology
PHA 205   Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHA 206   Introduction to Pathology

Pharmacy Year 3

PHA 300   Pharmaceutics II
PHA 301   Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
PHA 302   Pharmacology II
PHA 304   Pharmacy Practice I
PHA 305   Pharmacy Law
PHA 306   Drug and Medical Supplies Management I
PHA 310   Research in Practice I

Pharmacy Year 4

PHA 400   Pharmaceutics III
PHA 401   Clinical Pharmacy
PHA 402   Pharmacology III
PHA 404   Pharmacy Practice II
PHA 406   Drug and Medical Supplies Management II
PHA 407   Medicinal Chemistry
PHA 408   Toxicology
PHA 410   Research in Practice II

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