DPSM Botswana Salary Scales

The Directorate of Public Service management is an HR agency of the Government. It assists government Ministries and Departments with HR policy formulation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified citizens of Botswana with the following qualifications to fill entry-level positions, which exist in the various Government Ministries and Departments at C4 and C3 salary scales.
Degree in Estate Management
Degree in Land Economy & Property Valuation
Degree in Automotive Engineering/Auto Electrics/Auto Mechanical
Degree in Instrumentation Mechanics
Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a strong base in Welding & Fabrication
Degree in Construction Building/Building Studies/Building Science with a
strong base in Bricklaying
Degree in Beauty Therapy
Degree in Civil Engineering with a strong base in Carpentry & Plumbing
Degree in Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Degree in Construction Building or Bricklaying & Plastering
Degree in Water and Resources Engineering/Water & Environmental Engineering
Degree in Cartography/GIS
Salary Scale: C3 (P66 000 – P78 876 per annum)

How much is the monthly salary in Botswana?

Average Wages in Botswana increased to 6299 BWP/Month (476.185 USD/Month) in the fourth quarter of 2021. The maximum rate of the average wage for employees was 6533 BWP/Month and the minimum was 3447 BWP/Month.

How much is a good salary in Botswana?

The gross salary range for people working in Botswana is typically from 2,243.00 BWP (minimum salary) to 15,720.00 BWP (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries can vary drastically among different job categories.

How much is the C4 salary scale in Botswana?

At this rate, the BDF junior officers (lance corporals, corporals, and warrant officers) now earn much higher than a police sergeant whose salary scale is pecked at C4 (P5,027-P6,005). A Sub Inspector at police, whose salary is pecked at C3 (P6,232-P7,448) also trails a BDF private in earnings.

How much are police paid in Botswana?

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A person working as a Police Officer in Botswana typically earns around 6,870 BWP per month. Salaries range from 3,160 BWP (lowest) to 10,900 BWP (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.