Electrician Salary in Botswana

Electricians are tasked with repairing, installing, and maintaining control systems, lighting, communications, and electrical power in factories, businesses, and homes.

The gross salary range for people working in Botswana in Electrical & Power Engineering is typically from 2,514.00 BWP (minimum salary) to 9,896.00 BWP (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries can vary drastically among different job positions.

Average Monthly Salary

5,770 BWP

( 69,300 BWP yearly)

A person working as an Electrician in Botswana typically earns around 5,770 BWP per month. Salaries range from 3,060 BWP (lowest) to 8,780 BWP (highest).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Electricians’ salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.

Average Monthly Salary

7,470 BWP

( 89,600 BWP yearly)

A person working in Electrical and Electronics Trades in Botswana typically earns around 7,470 BWP per month. Salaries range from 2,970 BWP (lowest average) to 15,700 BWP (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different Electrical and Electronics Trades careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salaries for specific jobs

Job TitleAverage Salary
Cable Installer and Locator3,290 BWP
Digital Design Engineer11,900 BWP
Electrical Designer10,700 BWP
Electrical Drafter5,610 BWP
Electrical Engineering Manager16,000 BWP
Electrical Planner8,490 BWP
Electrical Sales Engineer10,500 BWP
Electrical Service Technician3,410 BWP
Electrical Technician5,480 BWP
Electrical Worker4,040 BWP
Electrician5,770 BWP
Electromechanical Technician6,030 BWP
Electronic Engineer11,100 BWP
Electronics Instructor10,400 BWP
Electronics Technician5,680 BWP
Field Service Engineer11,400 BWP
Field Service Technician4,290 BWP
Hydroelectric Plant Technician5,300 BWP
Hydroelectric Production Manager14,100 BWP
Instrumentation Technician4,620 BWP
Journeyman Electrician5,160 BWP
Maintenance Electrician3,730 BWP
Mechatronics Technician5,950 BWP
Power Equipment Mechanic4,260 BWP
Power Line Technician3,920 BWP
Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanic5,590 BWP
Security Service Engineer11,400 BWP
Technical Manager15,500 BWP
Turbine Fitter3,090 BWP
Warehouse Attendant2,930 BWP
Warehouse Manager13,800 BWP
Watch Repairer4,200 BWP

How much is the monthly salary in Botswana?

Average Wages in Botswana increased to 6299 BWP/Month (476.185 USD/Month) in the fourth quarter of 2021. The maximum rate of the average wage for employees was 6533 BWP/Month and the minimum was 3447 BWP/Month.

Can electricians earn good money?

The earning potential for those in skilled trade industries is great, as many trades have proven in these 2021 average figures. Electricians have proven to be one skilled trade that always performs as one of the highest earning trades, whether employed by a company or self-employed.

What is BDF’s salary?

The adoption of the delinking exercise saw a BDF private with a certificate now earning as high as P9, 237 while a BDF private with a diploma can earn as high as P16, 326.