Fatima College Of Health Sciences FCHS Online Student Login Portal

Fatima College Of Health Sciences FCHS Online Student Login Portal


General Documents


A. Emiratis Applicants must submit a completed National Admissions & Placement Office (NAPO) application form available on the Ministry of Education website. International students must fill out an online admission application form and submit their documents through the college admission portal.

B. Applicants meeting the admission criteria shall be accepted in a particular major/degree program according to the student’s preference, and the capacity of the college and/or the program. Further, international applicants will be accepted on a competitive base up to the percentage authorized by the Board of Trustees.

C. International Applicants who completed their high school outside UAE, will be reviewed case by case for admission as follows:
– The scores of the science subjects shall be 90% or above.
– The applicant shall pass the college placement test(s).     

D. An offer of admission shall be valid for the semester for which an applicant applies. If an applicant is offered admission but is unable to register, she/he shall request in writing to defer the admission to the next semester.

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FCHS Online Student Login Portal

Open: https://www.iat.ac.ae/sis/FCHS/Admission/Landing


A. For Emirati students, a completed NAPO application form.

B. For all applicants, a filled-out college application form.

C. Original or attested High School Certificate from the Ministry of Education. If the secondary high school curricula studied an international, then an equivalency has to be obtained from the Ministry of Education in UAE and submitted along with the transcript.

D. The High School Certificate should not be more than 3 years old for Emiratis for bachelor’s degrees and 6 years old for applicants to the Health care assistant (HCA) program.

E. The High School Certificate for international students should not be more than one year old.

F. Applicants’ Maximum age is 24 years old, and 25 years in (Health Care Assistant) program.

G. Copy of English EmSAT score, or an IELTS overall score, as pertinent to the program/degree applied for.

H. Copy of Science (Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) EmSAT score.

I. Medical Fitness Certificate (To be submitted upon enrollment).

J. For Emiratis, a copy of the Identity Card and Passport issued by the United Arab Emirates.

K. For International Students, a copy of the Identity Card and valid Passport with Residence Visa for the applicant and his/her father & mother.

L. Male students should provide an official letter from the national service that they are eligible to be admitted to Higher education.

M. Copy of Birth Certificate.

Contact & Directions

​ FCHS – Al Ain Campus

Near Tawam Hospital, Al Ain


PO Box. 24162, Al Ain

T: +971 3 7035500

F: +971 3 7035401

Student Admission Inquiries: AA.Admission@fchs.ac.ae