General Jobs in Botswana

General labor is any physical job with non-skilled, hands-on tasks, such as cleaning, moving, or landscaping. A laborer makes an average national salary of $27,310 per year.

With a stable democracy and high levels of development, Botswana is an ideal location for those seeking opportunities in Southern Africa. The country enjoys many thriving industries, in mining, tourism, and financial services amongst others. There are strong education and healthcare provisions, but it is advised to get good medical insurance to ensure a high standard of coverage. The country is one of the safest in Africa, with low crime rates and good transport links.

Botswana is a country located in southern Africa. The official languages are English and Tswana.

Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Botswana.

General Job Search Engines and Classifieds

With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate (people who will respond back to you to whom you sent your application/CV.) Nevertheless, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application.

  • Career JunctionCareer Junction is a big South African job search site that has options for Botswana.
  • Career Jet: I’m sure you’ve heard of Career Jet. They have job search options for Botswana.

Teaching English

Teaching English is an option (if you are a native English speaker that is). All of the sites below are pretty similar and have a massive amount of teaching English job options. Browse through each of the sites for any English job opportunities in Botswana. Also, be sure to check out this cool table from the International TEFL academy that shows how much money teachers can expect to make in various countries around the world.

  • ESL EmploymentNot the most beautiful interface, but who needs a pretty website when you have so many English teaching job options to choose from?
  • Total ESLAlso an overly busy interface but a wealth of job postings for teaching jobs abroad.
  • ESL CafeDave does a great job in compiling some of the best job openings from around the world.
  • Tesla: Big teaching jobs aggregator.

Overseas and Expat Job Portals

  • Michael PageAn international executive recruitment website that I’ve used in the past. This site is targeted toward high-end job seekers.
  • Overseas Jobs:  I find that there is often a significant overlap between the postings on this site and that of other sites. Nevertheless, this site has been around for a while.
  • Go Abroad: I’ve always been a fan of GoAbroad. In fact, on the visa information portion of my website, you will find where I have linked to their global embassies directory. They have a good job portal too.
  • Linkedin: Last but not least, this huge professional social network is a resource for building contacts in the field and location of your interest.

There you have it. The best places to find jobs are in Botswana as a foreigner. For information on visas for Botswana, be sure to check out my Botswana visa page.

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Can a Foreigner Get a Job in Botswana?

Botswana has one work visa, also known as a work permit, for all foreign employees working in the country under the Employment of the Non-Citizens Act. Employers cannot engage an employee unless they hold a valid Botswana work permit or a certificate of exemption.

Can I Get a Job in Botswana?

You will need a VISA to work in Botswana. It is recommended to obtain employment there before applying, as your new employer can often sponsor your application. You can find out more information by visiting your local embassy website. More information is available using the button below.

What are the opportunities in Botswana?

Investment Opportunities in Botswana

  • Mining industry.
  • Manufacturing industry.
  • Power/Energy industry.
  • Education industry.
  • Arts’ industry.
  • Agricultural industry.
  • Transport industry.
  • Financial and business services industry.

Can a foreigner teach in Botswana?

Any individual (citizens and non-citizens) who would like to be employed to teach at a private school in Botswana are required to hold a Teaching Permit. Who is eligible? All citizen and non-citizen graduates of colleges or universities, holding relevant teaching qualifications.

How long can foreigners stay in Botswana?

90 days

Foreign nationals are allowed to stay in Botswana for a period of 90 days without applying for a residence or work permit.

How much is a work permit in Botswana?

BWP 1500.00

How much does it cost? The cost to apply for the residence permit is BWP 1500.00. Botswana, Botswana Government, Republic of Botswana, Government of Botswana.