How is the Richest in Zimbabwe

5 facts that show how wealthy Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Masiyiwa really is. Strive Masiyiwa is now the richest black man in Southern Africa, with a net worth surpassing $4.4 billion – dethroning Patrice Motsepe from the position, according to media reports.

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Masiyiwa’s new title is thanks to the year-to-date price increase in the shares of his telecom company, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, and his smart-tech company, Cassava Smartech. As of Wednesday, Masyiwa’s net worth had increased from $2.7 billion to $4.4 billion, Billionaires. Africa reported.

Masiyiwa, 61, recently announced his retirement as chairman and director of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited and still retains his more than 50% stake in the company he listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1998.

Read on for five facts that put Strive Masiyiwa’s $2.7 billion fortune into perspective.

Mr Masiyiwa owns high-profile properties in New York, including two adjacent apartments atop the 29-storey Eldorado Towers- which he bought for $24.5million and has been at various points home to stars such as Michael J. Fox, Moby and Alec Baldwin. According to Dailymail, he also owns a £24million mansion, with 24 rooms – including nine bathrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Like most of the richest men in Africa, Strive owns a luxurious private jet. His Bombardier Challenger 850 is one of the most expensive assets that he owns, and its worth stands at $35 million. The jet can accommodate up to nineteen people, and it boasts a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms.

His London mansion has a library collection of books worth over $40000. Masiyiwa says that he spends most of his time reading books on business management. Masiyiwa regards the Bible as his favourite book from his collection of books. In a Facebook post, the Zimbabwean billionaire once said, “My favourite book is the bible, and if you study it intending to extract principles on how to set up and manage a business effectively, you’ll be amazed it has everything you need.

Strive resides in the UK and owns a couple of luxurious houses in different countries. One of his houses situated in London is worth $6 million. Mr Masiyiwa also lives in a detached £2,5 million mansion on an exclusive private estate in Surrey.

Who is the richest in Zimbabwe in 2022?

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Strive Masiyiwa, the creator and executive chairman of the Econet Group, is ranked #1 on the list of the wealthiest people in Zimbabwe.

Who is the billionaire in Zimbabwe?

Strive Masiyiwa
Born29 January 1961 Zimbabwe
Alma materUniversity of Wales
TitleFounder and executive chairman, Econet Global and Cassava Technologies

Who is the youngest millionaire in Zimbabwe?

Dumisani Ncube is worth over US$1.2 million according to Forbes. He is listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 and recognized as one of Africa’s rising young entrepreneurs.

Where do the rich live in Zimbabwe?

Borrowdale is a residential suburb in the north of Harare, Zimbabwe, which ranks among the most affluent and prestigious residential areas in the country.
Borrowdale, Harare.