How Much Are Cars in Botswana

Car a road vehicle with an engine, usually four wheels, and seating for between one and five people

Most definitions of cars say that they run primarily on roads, seat one to eight people, have four wheels, and mainly transport people instead of goods.

2022 SuzukiCelerio

P 174,500  Automatic  Petrol

2022 SuzukiSwift

P 195,700  Automatic  Petrol

2022 HondaAmaze

P 220,000  Automatic  Petrol

2022 Mazda2 Dynamic

P 252,000  Manual  Petrol

2022 MitsubishiXPander 7 Seater

P 279,999  Automatic  Petrol

2022 SuzukiJimny

P 290,500  Automatic  Petrol

2022 FordEcoSport Trend

P 301,900  Automatic  Petrol

2022 VolkswagenPolo TSi Life

P 333,500  Manual  Petrol

2022 HondaBallade RS

P 339,000  Automatic  Petrol

2022 MazdaCX-3 Dynamic

P 342,000  Automatic  Petrol

2022 MitsubishiASX LS CVT

P 349,999  Automatic  Petrol

2022 HondaBR-V Comfort – 7 Seater

P 350,000  Automatic  Petrol

2022 SubaruXV i CVT

P 356,400  Automatic  Petrol

2022 FordRanger XL

P 405,000  Manual  Diesel

2022 FordRanger XL

P 410,000  Manual  Diesel

How many cars are there in Botswana?

What were Botswana’s Registered Motor Vehicles in 2015?

391.686 2015363.784 2014391.686 2015

Are there cars in Botswana?

The automotive market of Botswana is very large and the demand for expensive vehicles is high in the market. The imported cars range is wide in the country and a large number of imported vehicles are available in the market for sale.

Which African country has the most cars?

It is also the most populated country in Africa at 218+ million. According to a report by the Vanguard newspaper, Nigeria has around 13,000,000 million cars in the country, making its motor vehicles per person 61.