How Much is a Safari in Botswana

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Below I give you an idea (based on 2023 pricing) of typical per-night prices for a Botswana safari. If you look at the chart and gasp, then you may need to go back to the drawing board. There are other safari destinations that may work better for you. Think South Africa – where safaris are priced in Rands – or Zimbabwe. Don’t try to make Botswana what it is not. The country has a low-impact, low-density, high-value tourism model. So don’t try to fight it!

Now to the brass tacks! Below we give a typical price per night for the whole safari including the cost of in-country flights, park fees, game drives, all meals and drinks, and other game activities (boating, walking, mokoro trips, fishing, etc). This is typically ex-Maun or from Maun to Kasane.

But these safari prices exclude international flights, as obviously that depends on where you are traveling from and how you choose to fly.

Ballpark Price per Night
Moderate Camps
(or Private mobile camping)
Premier CampsTop-end Camps
Green Season$550-$600$650-$825$850-$1,100
Shoulder Season$700-$775$825-$1,200$1250-$1,700
Peak Season$825-$950$975-$1,500$1,550-$2,400*

Green Season – December to March (sometimes excluding the Festive season)
Shoulder Season – April to June (sometimes only to May) and November (and sometimes December)
Peak Season – July to October, plus * denotes that some very popular camps even have a ‘super-peak’ season in July and August.

The lower safari price tends to be for the longer safaris (7+ nights). The higher figure is typical of a shorter 3 or 4-night safari, or the more expensive camps within that category.

So if you want to come for 8 nights in Peak Season in a Premier camp, you can assume that you are looking at a safari price of around $7,500 to $12,000 per person. But a moderate camp for 8 nights in Shoulder Season will cost around $5,500 to $6,000 per person. So a big difference in the safari price!

When to go on a safari in Botswana?

April to June and also from October to November are the best times for a Botswana safari.

How much does a safari cost in Botswana?

Botswana is one of the more expensive African countries to go on safari, however, it is possible to go on a safari budget-friendly trip to Botswana.

Average prices are difficult to calculate given the various elements of the trip to take into account.

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