How to Buy a House in Zimbabwe

A building in which one or more families live. Something (as a nest or den) used by an animal for shelter. a building in which something is stored. carriage house.

When buying a property (stand/house) in Zimbabwe there are a number of issues to look at so as to protect your hard-earned cash. Below are some of them;

1. First determine whether the property you want to buy is held under an agreement of sale (in which case the rights will be transferred to you by cession) or it has title deeds. The difference between the two is significant for a number of reasons. Where the property is held under an agreement of sale the person is not the ‘owner’ of the land in the legal sense, what he/she has are personal rights to the land. When one buys this land, the rights to the land are transferred to him/her through cession. This is usually the case with most houses in Chitungwiza and other smaller towns. In Harare, this is common in Highfields, Mufakose and Mabvuku. On the other hand, when the person who is selling you the land has a title deed he/she is the owner of the land in the legal sense. It is wise to engage a lawyer who can help you understand the nature of the prospective seller’s rights in the land.

2. Where the land is held under a title deed and even if you are shown the original title deed there is a need for verification with the Deeds Registry on a number of issues. A deeds search (preferably done on your behalf by a lawyer) will detect mortgage bonds, caveats and other endorsements if any. You also need to physically see the land being sold and the identity of the seller. Where the rights in the land are to be transferred to you through the session, you need to have sight of the agreement which gives the seller rights in the land. You also need to check with the person or institution which will process the cession for example the council. In some cases, there may be conditions for the cession to go through.

3. The next stage is to have an agreement of sale drafted and this is better left to legal practitioners. Important terms include whether the purchase price is inclusive of value-added tax (where applicable), mode and manner of payment, the stage at which risk will pass, date of occupation and variation of the contract.

4. Where the land is held under a title deed, the process of change of ownership is done through the Deeds Registry Office by a conveyancer. It is the seller who chooses the conveyancer and parties may put a clause in the contract specifying the conveyancing law firm. The buyer will have to pay the conveyancing fees whilst the seller pays the capital gains tax unless there is an exemption. Under cession, the Deeds Office is not involved but the parties simply attend at the council or developer’s offices where cession forms are signed. Cession fees are usually charged.

5. In Zimbabwe marriages are out of the community of property. This means that each party in a marriage can independently own or have rights in a property. They can do whatever they want with the property without consulting their spouse unless the property is registered in both their names. Where parties are married they must be alive to this principle when buying a house. Note however that upon divorce the assets of the parties are distributed in terms of the Matrimonial Causes Act.
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What is the process of buying a house in Zimbabwe?

If you are considering buying a property in Zimbabwe, here are some key points to help you understand the process:

  1. Identify the property you wish to purchase.
  2. Make a formal offer in writing.
  3. a) The Purchase Price offered.
  4. b) The payment terms of the Purchase Price.
  5. c) Date of Occupation requested.

How much does property cost in Zimbabwe?

Property Prices in Zimbabwe

Rent Per MonthEdit
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre282.35$
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre260.83$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre828.57$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre661.54$

Can I buy property in Zimbabwe?


Currently, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership or occupation in Zimbabwe. Section 71 (2) of the Constitution provides that every person shall have the right to own all forms of property.

How much does it cost to build a 3-bedroom house in Zimbabwe?

Image result

A 3 bedroom house for $12800. 4 bedroom costs $14400. These are normally the standard houses currently trending. These prices may vary with location.