How to Calculate Leave Pay in Botswana

Workers are entitled to paid annual leave of at least 1.25 days for every month of the month. In total, this translates to 15 working days of annual leave. Annual leave does not increase with the length of employment with the employer.

Of the total 15 working days’ leave earned in respect of a period of 12 months, at least eight working days have to be taken no later than six months immediately after the end of the period in respect of which the leave was earned.

Remaining leave can be accumulated year by year but is not to be accumulated for longer than three years immediately after the end of the period in respect of which leave was first accumulated. At the end of that three years period, all the accumulated leave together with all the leave earned in respect of the immediately preceding period of 12 months must be taken.

Payment in lieu of annual leave is possible. Where a contract of employment is terminated by either party to the contract, the employer is to pay to the employee his basic pay in respect of any period of leave accumulated or which has otherwise accrued to him but has not been granted before the termination of the contract of employment, and leave in respect of every month or part of a month of continuous employment after he last became entitled to leave.

How is leave pay calculated?

The leave provision calculation formula: number of total annual salary packages of the employee/number of working days x number of leave days accrued.

How are leave days calculated in Botswana?

An employee is entitled to receive annual leave pay of a minimum of 1.25 days for every month. This converts to 15 working days of annual leave/ Year. Also, Annual leave does not increase with the employment length with the employer.

How do leave days get calculated?

The leave accrues at the rate of one hour for every 17 hours worked, or one day for every 17 days worked, or 1,25 days per month, the total permitted minimum being 15 working days per annum on full pay in each annual leave cycle or in each of period of 12 months calculated with from the date of employment.

How is holiday pay calculated in Botswana?

Working Hours in Botswana

Work on public holidays or rest time should be paid at twice the normal wage rate.

How do you calculate annual leave hours?

Annual leave accrues on a weekly basis and you can calculate how much annual leave an employee has accrued based on how many weeks they have worked: a full-time employee accrues 2.923 hours of annual leave for each completed week of work (based on the standard 38 hour week)

How is maternity leave calculated in Botswana?

Female employees proceeding on maternity leave are paid a maternity allowance of not less than 50% of basic pay in three installments (for 3 months), first for a period of absence to the day of confinement after informing the employer of the date of confinement, second, for a period of absence of 6 weeks immediately