How to Create Mukuru Order in Zimbabwe

Place orders via WhatsApp by messaging “Hi” to +27860018555, or dial *130*567# or transact online on our mobile site 24/7. Then start your order by selecting your recipient and how much you would like to send.

How to Pay for your Mukuru Order with your Debit or Credit Card

Place orders via WhatsApp by messaging “Hi” to +27860018555, or dial *130*567# or transact online on our mobile site 24/7. Then start your order by selecting your recipient and how much you would like to send.

This is an important step
Once you have accepted the order quote, you need to select “change how / where to pay”.

Choose the “Online Card Payment” option and once you choose “Send it”, you will receive your reference number with a link to proceed with making the payment online with your card. 

This information will also get sent to you via SMS.

Simply click on the link to complete your payment online, click card payments and fill in the necessary information to complete the order. 

You can rest assured that your money will arrive safely and securely. Just another way we make it easier and more convenient to send money home to your friends and family.

Send Money

Recipient: Mukuru
Account number: 62259335852
Branch: 250655
Reference: Insert your Mukuru order number 

*TIP* To make it easier add Mukuru as a beneficiary.

Alternatively, if you have a Mukuru card you can simply choose your Mukuru card as your method of payment so that your order can be confirmed instantly.

How do I get an order number for Mukuru?

Simply add +27 860 018 555 as a contact on your phone. Then, on WhatsApp, simply type ‘Hi’ to start creating your order. Remember to always include +27 when you save our WhatsApp number! Once you’ve created your order, you can then pay at any of our pay-in partners listed here.

How to register Mukuru in Zimbabwe online?

Dial *130*567# (FREE), Call 086 001 8555, speak to a Mukuru agent or register at a Mukuru Branch. You only need proof of identity to sign up. We accept ID, Passport and Asylum papers. It’s Quick, Safe & Easy!

How can I send money to Mukuru within Zimbabwe?

Contact us

  1. Email:
  2. Call or WhatsApp: +27 (0)86 001 8555.
  3. WhatsApp (SA): +27(0)86 001 8555. Free USSD: *130*567# Office Hours: Mon–Sun 06:00 – 20:00 GMT.

How do you use Mukuru in Zimbabwe?

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How our Remittance Process Works

  1. Register for an account and select a country to send money to.
  2. Add a recipient via one of our platforms: USSD, WhatsApp, Web, App or Call Centre.
  3. Indicate the recipient’s collection method (cash collection, bank transfer, mobile money wallet or cash to card)