How to Get a Job in UK from Zimbabwe

A job is a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid. Job is a paid position of regular employment.


Provided you are a fluent English speaker and eligible to work in the UK, you can apply to join us even if you live abroad.  Many of our Professional Carers originate from the EU, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, often balancing their work with time off in their home country.


To be eligible to work in the UK you must have either a British passport, settled or pre-settled status as part of the EU settlement scheme or hold a current visa that allows you to work in the UK with no restrictions.  Please note that we cannot assist with any sponsorship or visa requests.  If you apply to work with us and you do not have one of these documents we regret that we will be unable to process your application.

For more information on what documentation is required for working in the UK please visit the UK government website.


To be considered for live-in care roles, you must have:

  • A high standard of written and spoken English
  • The right to work in the UK
  • Clear police, occupational health and reference checks
  • Good professional and personal references
  • Good family cooking skills
  • Ability to run a home and keep it clean
  • Professional care experience could be as a care assistant, carer, homecare assistant, domiciliary carer, healthcare assistant or another health or social care-related role. Alternatively, you have recent experience of providing personal care for a friend or family member.


If you are living in Zimbabwe and are interested in a live-in care job in the UK get in touch with Consultus and find out how you can start a new career with one of the leading live-in care providers in the UK. 

If you are compassionate, and caring and thrive on really helping others this opportunity could really change your life.

You will also receive our complimentary four-day in-house training package from our award-winning training centre worth over £200 along with three nights’ free accommodation in one of our beautiful carer houses whilst you’re training.  Training certificates are received after 20 weeks’ worth of bookings.

Our Recruitment team will guide you on your journey to becoming a great care professional. You will be their number one priority.

Once you have completed your Induction Training, our Care Consultants will introduce you to your client and be on hand if you need to discuss any aspects of the booking. Consultus know how hard carers work and we want to invest in you.

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Is UK still recruiting care workers from Zimbabwe?

However, through a recent communication, the British government said it had extended the recruitment of health and social care employees to 2024.

How much is a UK work visa from Zimbabwe?

The fees for each processing speed when it comes to Zimbabwean citizens are as follows: Standard – USD $278.99. Rush – USD $279.99. Super Rush – USD $283.99.

How long does it take to get the UK to work visa in Zimbabwe?

The Home Office has stated it is endeavouring to reduce processing to 12 weeks Within 2023.